We support health and medical organisations across Australia and New Zealand


General Practice

Practical strategies to enhance your patients' experience and increase loyalty, new and repeat appointments.


Allied Health

Expand your practice and attract more clients with ethical and creative marketing strategies (AHPRA-aligned).



Proven advice to increase referrals, enhance industry reputation, customer service and brand awareness.


Aged Care

Quality strategies and campaigns to increase brand awareness, reputation and enhance the consumers' journey.



Patient experience programs to drive positive reputation, patient and commercial outcomes.



Marketing strategies to increase member engagement, value and new member enquiries.



Proven advice to increase referrals, boost reputation, customer service and brand awareness.


NFP Organisations

Clever marketing campaigns and skills transfer to increase brand awareness and drive change.


Therapeutic Products

Strengthen your brand awareness, reputation and market share with proven marketing and business development strategies.


Dentists and Dental Prosthetists

Expand your patient base, increase repeat business and referrals with quality marketing services for your practice.


Exclusive Interview With International Marketing Guru, Seth Godin.

In this Australian-first, Megan Walker sits down with Seth Godin, the world’s leading marketing mind, to talk about how healthcare professionals can incorporate meaningful and ethical marketing practices in their daily lives.

Our Ethical and Effective Health Marketing Services


Marketing Clarity Session

Transform confusion to clarity with this high powered, two-hour, videoconference workshop tailored just for you. Get crystal clear on your products, services, target audiences and marketing strategies to efficiently and effectively grow your practice.


Learn With Megan

Learn how to effectively implement the right marketing activities, how to conduct digital marketing and how to boost the patient experience delivered by your practice with our practical and portable online training programs.


Book a speaker

Engage your delegates with a dynamic and experienced marketing presenter for your next health or medical conference or event. Megan uses real-world examples and gives plenty of practical tips to add values to your attendees.


Market Savvy Community

Launching in September 2020 for our Marketing Clarity Session and Online Course Alumni. Join our community and gain motivation, peer support, accountability and a "power focus" action to implement each month.


Marketing Campaigns

Outsource your marketing campaign management to the health and medical marketing experts at Market Savvy. Your approved program will include the right mix of traditional marketing and digital marketing to achieve your goals.

Gain Fresh Ideas With the Market Savvy Program for Health and Medical Professionals

MSP1 - Modern healthcare marketing has changed


Market Savvy Program 001: "Modern Healthcare Marketing Has Changed" [3:30]

Market Savvy Program 002 - You need to establish and maintain your referral ecosystems at all times


Market Savvy Program 002: "Tips on How to Maintain Your Referral Sources With Minimal Time" [2:44]

EP03 It’s time to take a leadership position in your field


Market Savvy Program 003: "It's Time to Take a Leadership Position in Your Field" [3:41]

EP04 A healthy marketing approach in private practice


Market Savvy Program 004: "A Healthy Marketing Approach in Private Practice" [3:43]

Market Savvy Program 005 - Establishing your SMART marketing goals


Market Savvy Program 005: "Establishing Your SMART Marketing Goals" [2:49]

Market Savvy Program 006 - Developing your why V2


Market Savvy Program 006: "Developing Your "Why"" [3:43]

Let's Tee Up a Time to Talk

From customer service training for all front-line employees in public sector residential aged care in Victoria; to the marketing advice and training we do with Allied Health Practices, GPs, Specialists, Dentists and Health NFPs across Australia and New Zealand; our mission is to help you reach more people so you can change more lives. I'd love to hear about your situation and let you know how we can help. Let's tee up a time to talk further.


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