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From online courses to coaching, see which of our eight health marketing services is right for you

Market Savvy Marketing Academy

Our Marketing Academy is designed for Allied Health, GP and Specialist business owners to teach you how to establish your own efficient marketing machine aligned with the AHPRA Guidelines.

Boost your appointments, conversions, repeat business and referrals with our step-by-step formula and peer coaching program over six months.

Doors open February 2021.

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Market Savvy Digital Health Community

Our Digital Health Community is a dynamic membership for AHPs, GPs and Specialists who want ongoing accountability, systems and advice to ethically promote high quality digital healthcare products locally and globally.

If you are already running a practice and are ready to generate all or part of your income online, scale your practice and reach your audiences, this program is for you.

Doors Open March 2021

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Marketing Clarity Session and Funnel Map

Our Marketing Clarity Session and Funnel Map is for healthcare leaders who want to get crystal clear about their product and service offering, target audiences, path to market and sales funnels.

Learn what marketing you should and shouldn't be doing and gain a clear set of strategies unique to your practice, to reach more people and change more lives.

Book your private Clarity Session during or after hours to suit you.

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Market Savvy Trouble-Shooting Session

Our Trouble-Shooting Session is for healthcare leaders who need a quick injection of marketing ideas and strategies to get unstuck and move forward.

This is a high-performance, one on one coaching session designed to give you clarity, confidence and powerful actions to guide ethical practice growth and marketing success.

Book individual or ongoing sessions as needed.

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Market Savvy Show Time

Engage your audiences, support your clients and achieve thought leadership with the most popular communication method - video.

This package includes marketing coaching and video interviews to feed your website, social platforms, SEO and newsletter while saving you time and boosting your reputation.

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Strategic Web Content

Are you short on time or struggling to find the right words to promote your products and services online?

For existing healthcare clients, we write your strategic website content to communicate your values, your core premise, your methods and the differences you make to drive enquiries and client bookings.

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Facebook and Instagram Success

Learn the latest social media techniques to create engaging posts and reach your audiences (locally and globally) with clever, cost-effective advertising campaigns.

Harness the power of the most effective form of paid advertising.

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Waiting Room Success

Boost the customer service and marketing skills of your frontline team with this super practical, online course.

Perfect for new and existing team members to achieve practice consistency, appointment conversions, performance management, and five-star patient experiences.

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Megan Walker – fast facts

  • 25+ years health and medical marketing working with 1,000s of healthcare organisations nationally
  • Advanced Diploma Business Marketing plus Post Graduate Diploma Communications (Corporate Writing) plus Master of Business Marketing
  • Advanced studies and research – digital marketing, course creation and membership building
  • Certified Practising Marketer, Australian Marketing Institute
  • Member Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Launched Market Savvy in January 2007 
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