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White papers, ebooks and guides

White papers, ebooks and guides

White papers, ebooks and guides are used as content marketing tools to entice prospective buyers to find out more about your business and the ways you can solve their problems. Your buyers give you their contact details in exchange for the free white paper, ebook or guide - this then allows you to commence a lead nurturing and relationship building process with them.

We also offer clients complete content marketing / inbound marketing campaign management. This includes landing pages, social media management, blog writing, SEO and email marketing to attract genuine leads into your sales funnel. We use Hubspot as our preferred marketing software platform.

What’s involved

  1. We meet with you to understand the audience(s) you wish to attract, their buying habits and “pain”
  2. We write your white paper, ebook or guide for you and seek your input for technical components only (saving you time)
  3. We finalise your paper (typically eight to 10 pages) and send it to you for review. Includes two rounds of changes
  4. Your white paper is ready to use to attract leads and add value to existing customers

PLUS – we assign copyright to you. You own everything we create – use your content for other purposes to save you time and rewriting efforts.

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How does it benefit me?

  1. Quality written materials developed exclusively for your business to entice new buyers and add value to existing customers
  2. Increase your search engine optimisation results
  3. Establish a hard-working, automated sales funnel
  4. Increase quality sales leads