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Social posts

Social posts

As part of your marketing campaign, our team of local digital copywriters will write clever and engaging posts to suit your different social media audiences on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Your posts will include pre-researched keywords and match your overall campaign tone and objectives.

As part of managing your social media, we will also follow thought leaders and engage with potential influencers and customers on your behalf and drive traffic to your blog and website.

What’s involved

  1. We will schedule a Skype briefing meeting with you each month
  2. We will write your posts for approval
  3. We will either provide the posts to you for internal distribution or we will post and manage your social media activities on your behalf
  4. We will provide you with regular reports, updates and recommendations

How does it benefit me?

  • Social media managed professionally on your behalf
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Online engagement and promotion of your products and services
  • Targetted, best practice activities
  • Save time