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Attract New Patients

Know what to say, what to post and how to create the right messages to attract new clients / patients to your practice.

Increase Engagement

Reach new audiences and increase likes, shares and positive comments on your social posts with the right information and strategies.

Boost Your Confidence

Learn the right ways to promote your practice online (and inline with Ahpra) with the latest tools and techniques.

Know How to Get Started

With clever, time-saving strategies, content, headlines, posts and low-cost advertising to increase appointments and referrals.

Turn Your Social Media Activities Into Quality Lead Generation for Your Practice With Social Media Success

It's time to extend the care you deliver in-house to online and serve and attract a wider audience.

I'm Ready to Make My Social Media More Effective

What We Cover in the Course

EVERYTHING to create beautiful, engaging social posts (planned in advance), and cost-effective advertising campaigns to reach your audiences. Plus you get 18 months access to the 20 x bite-sized lessons and up to three employees from your practice can take part.

Get crystal clear on:

  • Your goals and your why
  • Your target audiences
  • Your clients' journey

Create amazing posts:

  • Choose the right platforms
  • 30-day post planner
  • Ahpra Advertising Guidelines

Reach wider audiences:

  • Group engagement
  • Lead magnets
  • Success with Canva

Learn how to use:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram Reels

Successfully set-up:

  • Facebook pixel
  • Custom conversions
  • Prepare for IOS14.5

Target the right people:

  • Warm audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Cold audiences

Go live:

  • Successful campaign set-up
  • Build relationships
  • Boost quality enquiries


  • What to measure and when
  • Making adjustments
  • Congratulations!

You're Invited to Take Part in Social Media Success

Harness the power of our proven social media strategies for private practices and learn how to:

  • Build a clever and time-friendly social media plan for your practice that adds value to your clients / patients
  • Create beautiful, engaging and meaningful social media posts to attract your target audiences
  • Set up and manage low cost, paid ads on social media and support your audiences where they are
  • Align your social media activities with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines

Reach your audiences wherever they are located with the most cost effective advertising available to your practice - Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Social Media Success - Key Take-Aways

Our Social Media Success online course is designed for health and medical practices. It aligns with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines and is delivered at a beginner / intermediate level.

Each practice receives three tickets for you and your team members (employees) to learn together at a time, place and pace that suits you on any internet-enabled device.

Plus you get 18 months access to the learning materials.

Learn how to: 

  • Promote your traditional health services as well as your digital health products / services to clients nationally and internationally
  • Unlock the secrets to posting on Facebook and Instagram with quality posts to reach your audiences
  • Cost-effectively plan and deliver your paid advertising campaigns to reach more patients / clients where they are located
  • Go beyond “boosting” and learn how to re-market to your website visitors and get clever with your campaigns by targeting the right people

Megan Walker from Market Savvy is an experienced health marketing professional with over 25 years' experience promoting private practices of all size.

You will move from confusion to clarity as Megan steps you through the right actions you need to succeed with your Facebook and Instagram marketing. All lessons are succinct, easy to follow and supported with a detailed workbook and checklists.

I'm Ready to Grow My Practice

Your Host - Megan Walker

Megan Walker is a health marketing professional and health promoter with over 25 years' experience connecting health and medical solutions with the people who need them most via ethical marketing strategies. Megan has three marketing degrees plus advanced studies in digital marketing and has extensive experience delivering Facebook and Instagram advertising programs for private practices. Learn from Megan's practical insights and start growing your practice with clear and clever strategies today.

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