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"Social Media Essentials - the Five-Step Method to Increase Your Clients Without Contravening the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines"

Learn everything you need to target the right audiences and increase appointment bookings and referrals.

This interactive, free training program is designed for Allied Health Practitioners, General Practitioners and Specialists. Learn how to move from wasting time and money on social media with scattergun posts to creating a simple, high-powered plan that involves less time and achieves targeted results, increased client bookings and gives you more time to spend meeting the needs of your new clients.

What you will learn ...

Plus hear from special guest, Dr Luke Nelson (Chiropractor) 

Luke Nelson runs a successful Sports Chiropractic clinic in Melbourne, Health and High Performance, and is the President of Sports Chiropractic Australia.

Luke has fully embraced social media in his busy practice and has achieved significant patient growth over the last six months using Facebook and Instagram.

Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance for one hour CPD.

Your Host, Megan Walker 

Hello and thanks for taking the time to find out more about my recent event "Social Media Fundamentals".

 I have worked with thousands of private practices (all shapes and sizes) since I launched Market Savvy in 2007. And unfortunately, that while social media has a great opportunity to be used to build relationships and attract more patients, most practitioners and clinicians are spending too much time on social media posting information that doesn't attract enough attention.

Let me show you how you can quickly and easily use social media to get your name "out there" and attract more of the right types of patients / clients and grow your practice in line with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines.

I hope you enjoy the presentation and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards
Megan Walker