Market Savvy CEO: The Right Way to Write a White Paper

Everybody is talking about white papers. But what are they? How are they used? Does your business need them and if yes, how do you create one?

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Market Savvy CEO: Marketing Lessons From the Big Mac

(By Megan Walker and published by The Courier-Mail 13 March 2014). You may not have a $2,000,000,000 marketing budgeting, your target audience may not…

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Market Savvy CEO: Reinventing Your Brand

You’ve lost your biggest client or a major contract, your sales may have slowed, the competition has increased, you have made an acquisition or you wa…

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Market Savvy CEO: How Good is Your Quoting Process?

For many businesses, new sales are won via quoting. You spend a great deal of time meeting with your prospect, offering your services and preparing an…

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Market Savvy CEO: Effective LinkedIn Strategies for SMEs

You may have a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account but have you considered a LinkedIn company page? With 225 million users worldwide, LinkedIn’s comp…

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Market Savvy CEO: Top Website Tips For Success

There’s no getting around the fact that every business needs a website. Here are some tips from Nicole Brooke from Ignition Media to make sure your we…

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Savvy CEO: New Social Media Tools for Business

Almost every day there seems to be a new social media tool. And while social media sites are typically free to use, they are not free in terms of the …

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Savvy CEO: To Niche or Not to Niche

(By Megan Walker and published in The Courier-Mail 10 June 2013). Tough times call for innovation. You want to capture as many customers as possible a…

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Savvy CEO: Walk in Your Customers' Shoes and You'll Be a Step Ahead of Competitors

(By Megan Walker and published in The Courier-Mail on 22 April 2013). When was the last time you were a customer in your own business? Is the buying p…

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