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The Power of Podcasting

POSTED BY: Megan Walker

Market Savvy - podcast icon 100518Podcasting is a fantastic marketing medium that connects you with your target audiences, boosts your relationships, adds value and establishes thought leadership and a loyal following (when done in a quality way).

  • In the States, 67 million people listen to a podcast on a monthly basis
  • 56 percent are male and 44 percent are female
  • 63 percent of people purchased something that the announcer mentioned

Podcasts are fast becoming mainstream in Australia. Now is the perfect time for you to establish your own podcast and build a loyal following.

Podcasts versus blogging

Podcasts aren't designed to take over from blogging. They complement your blogging efforts and add a personal touch to your suite of marketing activities.

Your blog is the ideal platform to explain detailed information such as steps or a process. Your blog is also the place where you can show visuals to support your message ie. screen shots, infographics or images. And your blog is still powerful for SEO.

However your blog can lack the opportunity for personal engagement - connecting with hearts and minds.

This is where your podcast comes in. When you include podcasting in your marketing mix, you gain an extra opportunity to let your audiences know you as a person (or people) and connect with your brand on a more personal level. This added layer of relationship building leads to long-term loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Getting started with podcasting

  1. First you need to think about your target audience. Be very specific about your ideal listener - what their problems are, what they are looking for and how you will help them with your information
  2. Then you want to develop your topics list and think about the best value you can offer in each topic. Will it be you presenting or will you get a second or third person to interview? How will you add weight and credibility to your message?
  3. Then you want to record your message or interview in a quiet space. You can use Zoom, Skype, Audacity or a similar recording platform that gives you a raw MP4 recording. Make sure that you turn off all other applications on your computer during your recording, turn your phone off and conduct the recording in a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. You will also need to use a USB microphone for good sound quality
  4. When it comes to editing your recording, I would suggest you get a professional to do this as it is too time consuming to try and become a sound editor on your lunchbreak. However you can use programs like Audacity (free) or Adobe Audition (paid) for the all important tidy-up of your recording. Your editing will include:
  • Royalty free music at the start
  • Your introduction (your voice or somebody else's)
  • Another snippet of music
  • Your information or the interview
  • A mid-way point advertisement
  • Call to action at the end
  • Closing music
  • Note - make sure the editing includes making all voices the same level and reducing background noise

 5.     You will then want to place the recording with an attractive visual image, heading, summary and show notes on your website (very important for SEO) as well as ITunes and SoundCloud and start promoting your recording

We can manage your podcasts for you

If putting together your own podcast sounds onerous, don't worry, we are here to help. I have had professional interviewing and voice training and can give you:

  • A strategy session to plan the topics and content
  • Professional interview
  • All the technical editing done by a professional recording studio
  • Posting the recording on your website, ITunes and SoundCloud
  • Promotion of your podcast

This only involves 20 minutes of your time per episode!

Click here for more information and to learn about our Professional Podcast pricing. 


Here is a short 4min recording (podcast about podcasting) that explains our podcasting service:

Market Savvy - podcast and about podcasting icon 100518


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