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Seven Steps to Create a Clear Vision For 2019

POSTED BY: Megan Walker

MS Christmas planning 171218It's that time of year (again - so quickly?) when hopefully you can look forward to a bit of down time. My thoughts have been preoccupied with how I will use the time to relax, spend time with family and friends and let my mind move into "big picture mode". As a business owner, I am sure you would agree with me that most of the time our thoughts are "in the trenches" while we are focussed on being in and not on the business. Just around the corner (hopefully) is a window of opportunity where you get to dream big and carry this vision into the new year.

Below I have listed seven steps to help you get into business planning mode so that when you have a few moments - watching the cricket, staring out to sea or just easing up a bit on "go, go, go" mode - you can cast your mind to what could be and elevate the focus of your business.

Remember if we do the same things we get the same results and if you fail to plan you plan to fail (sorry - bit dramatic) so put 30 minutes aside while your mind is fresh and see what you come up with.

Seven Steps to Create a Clear Vision for 2019

1. Get in the zone

The first step is to clear your mind and relax. I like to do this by taking a walk, doing some gardening, or something relatively quiet and peaceful (no technology!). Another fast way to get into a clearer head space is with a 10 minute meditation or yoga. Here's a great meditation that I do on a regular basis to let go of "fear of urgency".

2. Who is your "who"?

Now that your mind is a bit more refreshed and quiet, visualise who you want to work with:

  • Who can you help the most?
  • Who benefits most from your work?
  • Who do you enjoy working with?
  • Who values your offering and will pay for what you do?

3. What is your "what"?

Next, think about how you can reach a WIN / WIN with your "who". Give the people what they want at a price they will pay:

  • What does your audience need?
  • What will help them and add value to them?
  • What will they pay for?
  • What do they value most?

If your audience won't pay, then maybe go back and revisit your "who".

4. Why do you do what you do?

Think about your work and write down why you do what you do (other than money):

  • What motivates you?
  • What energises you and turns your light on? (If you find this challenging, think of what sucks the life out of you first and then think of what doesn't)
  • What significant memories or events have happened in your life that have led you to the work that you do?

5. How will you reach your audiences?

We can help you with this one (take a look at our Marketing Clarity Sessions). Will you:

  • Ring them, visit them, meet them?
  • Host your own events?
  • Engage the help of referral sources?
  • Advertise, promote or engage?

How will you sustain your lead generation across the year?

6. Putting it all together

In 2019, I will [action, do what] [for whom] to achieve [what outcome].

Now … add some extra depth so you stand out from the crowd:

  • How will you add value to your audiences?
  • Will you get involved in speaking at conferences, hosting special interest groups, speaking and writing?
  • Will you become a thought leader and look for ways to get involved and solve the problems faced by your audience?
  • Will you participate in community events, or research?
  • Will you engage your audiences and host your own small group events?
  • How will you prove your commitment to your audiences in 2019?

7. Set and don't forget

You might like to summarise your vision as a one page diagram or key points on a page. Place this:

  • On your keyboard
  • By the phone
  • In the bathroom

Anywhere where you will see it. Every month ask yourself, "what am I doing to maintain and achieve my vision"?

More information and support

Everybody needs a mentor to help them stay focussed. In 2019 I will be launching a mentoring program, so please drop me a line ( or phone 0417 602 390) if you are interested. We also offer advice services, training and campaign management as well.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best wishes
Megan Walker