Writing a White Paper With Purpose

Every successful business undertaking begins with a vision. If you don’t know what you want to achieve or what success looks like, how will you know w…

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4 tips for overcoming challenges in commercialising your not-for-profit

While the opportunities to commercialise and develop new income streams are almost endless, there are a number of challenges faced by NFPs embarking o…

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Getting Started With White Papers - Focus on Your Audiences' Needs and Not Your Own

 The first step to writing a compelling white paper involves determining who you want to target with your white paper and finding out as much as you c…

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Passive income streams for health practitioners

Imagine earning money while you sleep. While this may sound like a foreign concept to some, it isn’t just a pipe dream – there is proof that it can be…

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The Different Ways to Market Your Health Practice

There are many different ways you can market your health practice and have patients find you. Some of these options include:

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Choosing the Right Target Audiences for Your Health Practice

In your health practice, you may think that you are marketing to "everyone". But only big, national brands who have the majority of the population as …

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Health Marketing: Quick Goal Setting Tool for Your Health Practice

No matter what stage you are at in business, you need goals and you need to update them (at least annually) and continually work toward them. Goal set…

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Market Savvy CEO: Presenting a Powerful Pitch

“Pitching” can take many forms – presenting information to a potential or current customer, presenting an idea to your team, and you can even use pitc…

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