Market Savvy Express: Choosing the best pricing strategy for your business

Often we are asked how products should be priced – value for money, luxury, discount, seasonal sales, project-based, hourly rate or retainer? How you …

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Market Savvy Express: Putting on the Ritz – Creating the Perfect Client Event

Client / customer events are wonderful ways to strengthen new and existing relationships, thank supporters and showcase new products or services.

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Market Savvy Express: Green marketing – dos, don’ts and benefits for business

Lately you will have you noticed increased talk about environmental initiatives, green products and services, recycling, global warming, climate chang…

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Market Savvy Express: Practical business benefits of Twitter explained

Social networking tools are used frequently to create profile and hype for brands, products and services. Twitter has joined the menu of marketing opt…

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Successful Selling: Winning More Business

Following on from last month’s article (Successful Selling: Putting the Basics in Place), you’ve identified your prospects, prepared your sales materi…

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Successful Selling: Putting the basics in place

Successful selling is such an important part of everyday business. Transactions need to be made on a regular basis to maintain momentum and cash flow.…

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Managing Customer Relationships: Techniques to retain your customers

When it comes to marketing, many businesses are so focused on actually attracting their customers that they forget about devising a plan for holding o…

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What do your customers really think? Using market research to ensure business success

Providing an excellent product or service and putting hours into perfecting your marketing materials and service delivery are all extremely important.…

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The Art of Referral Marketing: Building New Business Prospects

The average person knows about 250 people. So every time you meet a new person and develop a genuine relationship with them, there is the potential th…

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