Market Savvy CEO: Make facebook your partner in business

(By Megan Walker and published in The Courier-Mail 12 December 2011). In the six years since Facebook was launched, it has achieved phenomenal impact …

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Market Savvy CEO: The bare essentials of building a company website are simple

(By Megan Walker and published in The Courier-Mail 5 December 2011). It is not a business card. It is not a brochure. Your website is your virtual sho…

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Market Savvy CEO: Christmas customer communication strategies

(By Megan Walker and published in The Courier-Mail 28 November 2011). Now is the perfect time to get in touch with your key customers. Even if you hav…

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Market Savvy CEO: Your website means business

Up until a few years ago, there were still some more traditional industries where a high quality website was not a high priority. The main ingredients…

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Engineering Company Case Study

HVAC designs, manufacturers, installs and maintains complex heating, ventiliation and air conditioning systems and fabricates structural steel compone…

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Aged care

We work with a large aged care organisation in Queensland providing marketing services to promote new accommodation facilities. In a recent campaign, …

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Market Savvy Express: Successful marketing in the new financial year

This article provides tips for enhancing and implementing successful marketing strategies in the new financial year.

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Market Savvy Not for Profit Marketing: Making your message hit home

Whether you’re networking with corporates, creating web content or holding a fundraising event, you need to communicate the cause of your Not For Prof…

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Market Savvy Express: Creating the Right Verbal Pitch for Your Organisation

Less is more. Famously known as the elevator pitch, memorising a short verbal pitch for your organisation will leave anyone you meet with a clear idea…

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