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Interview with Dr Kellee Slater - Marketing Excellence in Practice

POSTED BY: Megan Walker

Dr Kellee Slater 010918 downloadOver the past six months I have been hearing great things about Dr Kellee Slater (Hepato-biliary, pancreatic and liver transplant surgeon) - that her patient care, clinical skills and marketing approach are excellent.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Slater recently and you can hear first-hand her approach to marketing. Dr Slater promotes her services with the patient firstly and firmly in mind … and it has led to amazing outcomes for her practice.

Dr Slater is a super busy lady and still makes time for marketing. In this interview she gives you plenty of low-cost / free marketing tips and the interview is well worth the watch and relevant for all health professionals, practice managers and practice owners.

About Dr Kellee Slater

Dr Kellee Slater is a hepato-biliary, pancreatic and liver transplant surgeon who consults and operates at Greenslopes Private Hospital and the PA Hospital in Brisbane. 

She is also a general surgeon and performs all types of abdominal surgery including hernias, splenectomy and laparoscopic surgery. Her special interest is complex hernia repair, especially incisional hernia and abdominal wall reconstruction after abdominal catastrophe. Dr Slater also specialises in the care of high risk and critically ill patients.

Dr Slater graduated from the University of Queensland (Honours) in 1994 and completed a liver, kidney and pancreas transplant fellowship at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver, Colorado, USA. She also undertook a hepatobiliary fellowship at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

Topics covered

In this 15 minute interview I ask Dr Slater:

  1. What are your thoughts on the role of marketing in healthcare?
  2. What marketing have you done over the years?
  3. How has this benefited your practice? What outcomes have you seen?
  4. Is being a good clinician enough these days?
  5. What types of marketing should clinicians avoid?
  6. What would you say to clinicians who are unsure about how to promote their services or don’t know how to get started?

Click the image below to watch the video:

More information

For more information on building an ethical marketing program for your practice, please contact me or phone 0417 602 390.