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Business Development Skills for Health Professionals

POSTED BY: Megan Walker

Do you need to promote yourself, your products and services to your clients?

Do you find this challenging?

In this 15-minute podcast episode, we will transform how you think about sales and explain how to incorporate simple relationship-building activities in your daily life to grow your business.

I am delighted to bring you this interview with acclaimed business development expert, Richard Woodward 20718speaker and author, Richard Woodward.

Grab a cup of coffee, or listen to us on your commute or while you are exercising. This session is designed for health professionals who need to promote themselves and their products or services (and may / may not know how to go about it).

We cover:

  • How to think about business development strategically and not as a series of individual transactions
  • How you can make business development a natural and ethical part of your daily work
  • Simple tips to stand out from your competitors and forge long-term relationships with your clients

Listen to the recording

Click here to listen to the recording:

Market Savvy - podcast with Richard Woodward 240718-1

More information?

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