The "Private Practice Online Course Academy" is a proven, step-by-step program by 25-year health and medical marketing expert, Megan Walker, that teaches you how to successfully build and sell an online course, increase health outcomes and generate additional income for your practice without expensive or complicated tech.

All in complete alignment with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines.

See What Health Professionals Are Saying About Megan's Online Course Training for Allied Health, GPs and Specialists

Melissa Savonoff, Paediatric Occupational Therapist Owner of 'Hosanna' Triumphant Shout and CEO of Ricardo Reading Mouse

“I signed up to Megan’s online course creators training program as I was seeking guidance and support to help me launch my online handwriting course. I have found the lessons and peer group sessions to be most beneficial.

Megan has helped me to understand my value and the value in the program that I offer and how to promote my program professionally and ethically (without being too salesy).

It has been exactly what I needed!! I believe any allied health professional seeking to develop an online course would find Megan’s expertise and professionalism refreshing and her course content definitely a worthwhile investment."

Natalie Jack, Supervisor, Coach and Music Therapist

"Megan’s courses have been great for my learning and thinking in the area of health practice marketing. Her generous sharing of information, clear step-by-step explanations and supportive printable resources make her courses perfect for any health professional who wants to learn how to manage marketing for their practice. I’ve gone from being a bit worried how I was going to market myself, to feeling like I can do this! I can recommend Megan/Market Savvy’s services to all health practitioners."

Danielle Mik, Owner, Beneficent

“As a really busy business owner and rehabilitation counsellor, I had been thinking about creating an online course for the past year and was looking for a formula to follow.

It was quite easy to work my way through Megan’s materials and I feel confident that I now have the tools I need to get started and take the right steps to creating online courses for my business.

Building a practice can be really hard ...

There are lots of demands on your time – from supporting clients, to writing reports, managing staff, maintaining and creating systems, marketing, practice compliance, ongoing education – to name a few.

All fighting for the same attention.

And if you’re like most of my clients before they start working with me, you probably feel frustrated and overwhelmed. You might be wondering how you can prevent burnout, how you can earn more without working huge hours and how you can find and retain quality team members. Chances are, you might even be asking yourself "how long can I keep this up?" or if you will reach the day when managing your practice feels easy.

Does that sound familiar?

Most people think that to get more results they have to book more clients and work longer hours, but the truth is, the real issue is that you are in the model of earning when you are “hands on” or "selling time". Yes you can share the workload by hiring other practitioners / therapists / clinicians (and this can work really well), but sometimes it is really hard to find the right people with the right approach and values to help you grow your practice.

If you’re like most practice owners, then chances are you’re operating from the traditional mindset that all of us were taught - you work really hard and attract as many clients as possible, then hire people to help you, then attract more clients and then hire more people and this is how you grow a business.

But what if you want to work differently in a way that adds value to your clients, gives you space to think and breathe and creates quality time for you to spend doing the things you love, with the people you love in a place where you choose to live?

With a “trading time for money” mindset, your growth is dependent on your efforts. Everything “new” seems way too risky. You’re always tip-toeing around the edges of your dream instead of taking bold action.

It creates a constant need for approval. A need to know more. A need for certainty and security. A need to always be "on". Needs that will keep you trapped.

It’s a mindset that will leave you overworked and underpaid. On a surefire route to stress and burnout with nothing to show for it.

So if reaching more people and changing more lives in a way that is sustainable, where you can help others and earn what you are worth sounds good to you, it’s time to lose the “trading time for money” mindset and look at new ways of growing your practice.

The cold hard truth ...

... is if you don't identify time-friendly income streams, you will remain stuck in the “trading time for money” trap.

Show me just one successful practice owner who you look up to, who is earning good money, helping large amounts of people while being in charge of their own time with the freedom to choose how they spend that time. You can’t.

That’s because they don’t know what you have just realised. That creating and ethically selling products, such as online courses, is the ideal way to achieve your personal and business goals while helping people at scale.

Introducing "Private Practice Online Course Academy"

It’s a 17-lesson, self-paced online course, combined with 90 days of implementation coaching to transform you …

From an overwhelmed practice owner to a visionary digital health leader.

  • You discover and master the entire process involved in building and launching your online course
  • You get the clarity to focus on the actions that matter to generate an income stream from your new product sooner
  • You learn the low-tech, simple way to record your course without needing an expensive video team
  • You learn the right way to ethically market and promote your course to build your list and achieve strong sales (in line with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines)
  • It turns everything you think you know about creating an online course on its head and makes the process straightforward and achievable (sooner) with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Plus you get three months of guided group coaching to help you stay motivated and on track without wasting precious time or resources

Follow the process, build and launch your online course and help more people while generating a new (time-friendly) income stream.

Inside the Five BIG Stages ...

#1 Inside the "Foundations For Success" Module, You'll Discover:
  • The big picture of all the actions involved in creating a profitable online course
  • Your vision, your why and the wants and needs of your target audience
  • How to get started with the RIGHT course for the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT price and save years of guesswork
#2 Inside the "Testing Your Ideas" Module, You'll Discover:
  • The proven, risk-free formula for testing your ideas
  • How to earn while testing your course and attracting and engaging your tribe
  • Tips to boost your confidence while creating a client-centred program 
#3 Inside the "Building Your Course" Module, You'll Discover:
  • How to create your online course and get it right the first time (without any expensive tech)
  • Simple strategies for writing your course materials and creating attractive slides and support tools
  • Ways to engage your students to maximise learning and health outcomes
#4 Inside the "Building Your Email List" Module, You'll Discover:
  • The proven formula for building a vibrant list of email subscribers ready to purchase your course
  • How to reach influential leaders of industry and get them to help promote your programs and brand
  • Strategies to boost engagement with your clients / patients through step-by-step, ethical marketing activities
#5 Inside the "Launching Your Course" Module, You’ll Discover:
  • The secret to ethically selling your course without any cheesy sales tactics – all in alignment with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines
  • Ways to attract students to your program using effective communication strategies
  • Clever, low-cost automation techniques to save you time and increase engagement with your course attendees – even if you are a “low tech” person

So How Much is My Investment in the
 "Private Practice Online Course Academy"?

The "Private Practice Online Course Academy" is not cheap, but it shows you how to get the results you desire. It’s not like a $99 a year newsletter subscription.

It’s an investment in yourself and your practice that pays huge dividends in your future. One that will pay you back for the rest of your life. By letting you make a difference in the world … with a business that lets you live the life you want.

It’s a transformation that frees you from the selling time mindset that keeps you exhausted and struggling. And lets you become a leader in your sector.

The "Private Practice Online Course Academy" includes exactly what you would get from an international course creation program but without the $2,500+ price tag (plus extra for the exchange rate), or programs that misunderstand that you CAN’T use testimonials, case studies or pushy sales tactics and risk breaching the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines or similar gold standards and ethics.

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.

And because I’m committed to making the "Private Practice Online Course Academy" as accessible as possible so as many health and medical course creators can make their dreams a reality …

"Private Practice Online Course Academy" could easily be priced at $7,997.

However because I know my market, I’ve decided to make it more accessible and make "Private Practice Online Course Academy" $1,997 incl GST so you can sign up today and get started before registrations close.

Enroll in the "Private Practice Online Course Academy" Today

Your investment includes over $10,500 worth of value:

  • 17 x step-by-step lessons (valued at $6,000)
  • 40-page editable workbook (valued at $197)
  • Certificate of Attendance (CPD 10 hours - combines self-paced lessons and six coaching sessions)
  • 18 months access to lessons and recordings of coaching sessions (watch on any internet-enabled device at any time)
  • Up to three employees from the same practice can take part

Plus seven bonuses:

  • 90 days group coaching (valued at $2,400)
  • Private Facebook Group (valued at $297)
  • "90-Day Content Planner" (valued at $197)
  • "Master Course Creation Checklist" (valued at $397)
  • Bonus "Black Book of Contacts" (valued at $97)
  • "Social Media Success" (valued at $597)
  • "Ahpra Content" Live Workshop (valued at $400 when you sign up by 5pm AEST Thursday 30 June 2022)

Faster Implementation With Guided Coaching ...

 Your group coaching sessions are help at 7pm AEST on the second and fourth Tuesdays during August, September and October 2022:
  • 7pm 9 and 23 August - project planning to grow while you earn
  • 7pm 13 and 27 September - your course idea and finding your perfect audience
  • 7pm 11 and 25 October - your value, worth and confidence and building your course

"Private Practice Online Course Academy"

$397 x 6 monthly instalments (incl GST)

Book Before 5pm AEST Thursday 30 June for Bonus Ahpra Content Workshop

START NOW (Six x monthly instalments)

Or save $385 when you pay in full ($1,997 incl GST).

START NOW (Pay in full)

14 Day Guarantee

I want to help make this decision even easier for you. So sign up for the "Private Practice Online Course Academy", work through the lessons, complete the workbook and put the systems to the test. And if within 14 days of signing up you aren't happy with the process, we will refund your money.
Visit our Product Agreement for all the details.

Have a Pressing Question Before Enrolling in the "Private Practice Online Course Academy"?

Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked before people sign up.

However if you don't see your question here, just email [email protected] so we can assist you.

So Now It's Time For You to Make One of Two Choices ...

The first choice is to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing … then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to develop a product and move away from selling time and make a greater impact in the world, then your choice is obvious – join us inside the "Private Practice Online Course Academy" and start your transformation to become the successful health leader reaching more people and changing more lives while increasing your revenue.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you inside the Academy.

Best wishes
Megan Walker

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