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The most comprehensive marketing system for ethically promoting and growing your Allied Health, GP or Specialist Practice.

The Market Savvy Private Practice Marketing System is the only implementation program of its kind that shows you step-by-step how to develop and deliver your practice marketing strategies in complete alignment with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines.

Attract a steady stream of new patients / clients and increase repeat bookings and referrals to build a scalable and saleable practice.

Know what to do and when to do it - all in only one hour per week!

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who it is for: 

  • You’re a clinician, practitioner or therapist who delivers exceptional health and medical services to your patients / clients in person or via telehealth 
  • You run a private practice (or plan to) with a vision to reach more people and change more lives
  • You want to help people, grow a team and make a difference
  • You want to earn what you are worth, support your loved ones and (in the future) have a practice to sell
  • You don't want to spend thousands of dollars or lots of time each month outsourcing or managing your marketing

However, you don’t have formal training in marketing (understandably) and you’re not sure where or how to get started.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how the Private Practice Marketing System will give you the tools, inspiration and support to professionally promote your practice and increase your patient / client base while boosting your reputation and not risking it.

The Private Practice Marketing System will give you:

  • Confidence, knowledge and motivation to take charge of your marketing (you may even find you enjoy it!)
  • A strong health / medical brand and strong reputation with positive word of mouth
  • More professionalism and visibility - be seen in the right places and in the right ways
  • Knowledge of what marketing activities to conduct (in line with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines) and how to conduct your marketing efficiently without guesswork, wasted efforts or wasted $$
  • A clear plan where you spend just one hour efficiently and effectively marketing your practice per week
  • An increased and strengthened referral eco-system and fresh, high quality referrals
  • An ongoing and steady flow of new enquiries and repeat bookings 
  • A measurable marketing system that will underpin your practice and position you to sell when the time is right

Hello and Welcome to the Private Practice Marketing System

Hi, I'm Megan Walker, 25-year health and medical marketing professional, and I'd love to invite you to sign up for the Private Practice Marketing System

In this short video, I explain who the System is for and how it will benefit you personally and professionally.

Then I'd love for you to join me inside the program which is a must-have for Allied Health, GP and Specialist practices of all size and location.


Join Hundreds of Private Practice Owners Who Have Taken Part in our Online Marketing Programs

Belinda Breust, Physiotherapist

“I had been thinking about marketing my business for a long time prior to finding Megan's online marketing training. It was exactly what I was needing at the right time at a good price. The program exceeded my expectations. I have instituted strategies for capturing clients, using doctors letter templates, diarising marketing campaigns and establishing my online presence. It is definitely a worthwhile program."

Ebony Collins, Clinical Psychologist

“I was drawn to take part in Megan’s Health Marketing Academy because of the importance of “marketing even when you are busy” which was a real light bulb moment for me. We need to always be marketing in some way. I also liked how much Megan is across the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines and what she presents fits within the rules. Since doing the program we have put in place strategies that maintains our brand awareness with our clients and referral sources.”

Gregg Chapman, Registered Psychologist

"Market Savvy presents a comprehensive, 360 degree view of modern marketing strategies - in digestible bites."


Dr Vanessa Winchester, Clinical Director

“As the busy owner of a clinical psychology practice, I wanted to fine-tune my marketing skills to create better systems for adding value to our clients. I made the commitment to learn with Megan and found it very beneficial. Plus I have found the learning materials extremely useful and relevant to our situation. I recommend this program to other private practice owners.”

Dr Melissa J Taylor, Director / Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Taylored Psychology

“As the busy owner of Taylored Psychology, our practice was already conducting marketing with a professional website, Google Business listing and quarterly newsletter. However I wanted to take things up a level and reinforce what we were already doing and add on extra actions as needed. I had seen Megan’s previous webinars where I thought she had great knowledge, energy and generosity. The Private Practice Marketing System was very well priced so we went ahead with it. Since going through the program I have gained lots of great new ideas and we are implementing a wide range of SEO activities and ways for people to find us as well as increasing our engagement with our client groups. The program well and truly met my expectations and my marketing knowledge is now at an intermediate level. I recommend the Private Practice Marketing System to other practitioners,” Melissa Taylor, Director / Psychologist, Taylored Psychology.

Hear From Luke Nelson, Health & High Performance, on what he gained from working with Megan Walker


The Private Practice Marketing System is Open Now!
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The Private Practice Marketing System teaches Allied Health Practitioners, GPs and Specialists how to confidently establish a proven marketing system to attract quality clients / patients and referrals in complete alignment with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines. Your marketing activities align with your client / patients' journey through the stages of - Attract, Convert, Retain and Refer.

  • Understand what you can and cannot do to promote your practice and put together a low cost and time-friendly marketing system to continuously generate new enquiries and referrals
  • Joyfully attract the right types of clients / patients to your practice without dips in bookings or lost time redirecting unsuitable enquiries
  • Convert as many enquiries as possible into quality bookings through excellent customer service techniques
  • Increase the lifetime value of your clients / patients through meaningful repeat business and future bookings (as per clinically relevant)
  • Build a reliable team of referral sources to support the growth of your practice for the long term

Best of all - the  Private Practice Marketing System has been designed for busy people like you and it only involves one hour of your time implementing your marketing each week!

What's Inside the Private Practice Marketing System?

20 x succinct, step-by-step lessons that teach you how to set up and implement your unique marketing plan for your practice. Watch the lessons at any time on any internet-enabled device over the coming 18 months and implement the actions in your interactive workbook.

BEST of all you can successfully implement your marketing strategies in as little as one hour per week.

Welcome and Introduction Module:

  • Private practice marketing explained
  • Your why (your new vision)
  • Your who (target audiences)
  • Your what (products and services)
  • Naming and branding

Module 1 - Attracting New Patients / Clients:

  • Attract overview
  • Digital Marketing (BONUS - DIY SEO, Google Ads and FB/IG Ads lessons)
  • Patient Marketing
  • Clinical Referral Marketing

Module 2 - Converting Enquiries Into Bookings:

  • Maximising and measuring conversions
  • Customer service training for you and your team

Module 3 - Retaining Your Patients / Clients:

  • Ethical upselling for you and your team
  • Your practice's content plan

Module 4 - Your Referral Eco-System:

  • Creating your referral eco-system
  • Going pro
  • BONUS - Ahpra Advertising Guidelines Explained

Enroll in the "Private Practice Marketing System" Today

"Private Practice Marketing System"

$239 x 3 monthly instalments (incl GST)

  • 20 x succinct marketing lessons

  • Detailed, interactive workbook

  • Bonus walk-through lessons on Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Advertising and SEO

  • 18 months access

  • Up to three employees can take part

  • Certificate of Attendance (six hours CPD - general learning) 

Or save $120 when you pay in full ($597 incl GST).

Money Back Guarantee

And ... if within the first 14 days you don't feel that the Private Practice Marketing System is right for you, simply reach out and show us that you've put in the work by completing the exercises in the workbook and we'll refund your investment.

What People Have Asked Before Signing Up For Market Savvy's Marketing Programs ...

Megan Walker - Experience and Qualifications

Hello and thank you for taking the time to find out more about our Private Practice Marketing System

I have worked with thousands of private practices (all shapes and sizes) since launching Market Savvy in 2007. I regularly speak at health and medical conferences, I have three business and marketing degrees including a Master of Business Marketing and prior to running my own business, I worked as a Marketing Director and Health Promoter for major hospitals and medical research institutes (over 25 years' total in the industry).

The Private Practice Marketing System combines everything that I successfully deliver with my private clients to ethically promote an Allied Health, GP or Specialist practice. You no longer have to outsource your marketing or invest heavily in digital advertising and hope for the best.

Simply work through the program at your own pace and implement the actions to increase bookings, repeat business and referrals in 100% alignment with the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines.

So let's get started and I can't wait to see you inside the Private Practice Marketing System.

Kind regards
Megan Walker

Hear From Simone Dudley, Occupational Therapist, Therapy Connect, on What It Is Like to Work With Megan Walker

“Prior to taking part in the Private Practice Marketing System I was posting on Instagram and running Google and Facebook ads to promote my private practice. I wanted to learn other avenues for attracting clients outside of social media and I would have described my marketing knowledge as intermediate. I found the information about other speaking and networking opportunities to be most valuable and would now describe my knowledge as advanced after working through the lessons (which I did in a weekend). I thought the program was fantastic and would recommend it to other practice owners,” Psychologist.