The Allied Health Marketing Academy

You’re Invited to take part in our signature learning and coaching program for Allied Health Professionals that teaches you how to ethically market your practice and attract a steady flow of clients for the long-term.

Each intake includes a six-month program of online learning, live coaching and peer support. Learn marketing planning, referral marketing, local area marketing, traditional and digital marketing.

Two intakes per year (February and July).

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Learn how to create beautiful and engaging social media posts to attract your target audiences.

Plus learn the right ways to run cost-effective paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach your audiences where they are.

Perfect for promoting your traditional health services as well as promoting digital health services to clients / patients nationally.

This program is ready for you to start today.



So you want to transform your practice and work with your clients one-to-many? Fantastic! This is the practice model of the future.

In this practical course you will learn how to develop your program, create modules and lessons, set up your learning management system and promote your online course both now and into the future.

There’s a lot more to just putting up some content on your website. This program will teach you the step-by-step process to leverage your expertise and achieve a new income stream.



Teach your receptionists and Practice Manager fundamental customer service and marketing skills to become ethical conversion and up-selling professionals.

It takes a lot of time, effort and expense to make the phone ring or the enquiry form convert. Don’t let those precious leads go to waste.

This program is designed for up to five people per practice. Contact us for more information (or if you have a larger group to train).

Face To Face Marketing and Customer Service Training

Megan Walker will work with you and your team to deliver a tailored training session at your office or conference. Your workshop will increase skills, address specific challenges, increase motivation and ignite positive change.

Customer Service Training For Your Whole Team

Creating a Five - Star Patient Experience

Market Savvy Community

Each person who takes part in a Marketing Clarity Session or attends a Market Savvy online learning program, is invited to join the Market Savvy Community.

The Market Savvy Community gives you ongoing support, accountability, motivation, peer support and practice improvement tasks to keep you on track and achieving success.

Launching September 2020.

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