Online Course Success

In this dynamic, self-paced, online course learn how to:

  • Add an online course to your existing private practice business offering
  • Build a quality email list of potential clients ready to purchase your program
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Attract your clients wherever they are located
  • Run high quality websites that fill your online courses

All activities are ethical and align with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines. Reach more people and change more lives with the addition of an online course, membership or event program. We look forward to helping you grow at scale without having to increase your internal resources.

Brand New Program Launches July 2021

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Online Course Success - Key Take-Aways

Our Online Course Success learning program is designed for Allied Health, General Practitioners and Specialists who want to add online products to their existing practice or "go digital" and sell quality health programs to clients nationally or worldwide. An online course is the ideal way to:

  • Grow your practice at scale
  • Reach new audiences regardless of location
  • Boost the therapeutic outcomes of your 1:1 sessions
  • Build a tribe and a community focussed on improving their health outcomes
  • Swap some or all of your "time based" income to 1:many model
  • Grow without the need to employ additional people
  • Have fun and do the work that matters while gaining flexibility and freedom

All of the strategies align with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines - the gold standard in ethical healthcare marketing.


What Will I Learn?

  • How to build brand awareness using social media
  • How to grow a quality email list
  • How to convert your intellectual property to an online course
  • How to structure and build your online course
  • How to successfully promote your online course

Your Host - Megan Walker

Megan Walker is a health marketing professional and health promoter with over 25 years' experience connecting health and medical solutions with the people who need them most via ethical marketing strategies. Megan has undertaken advanced studies in digital marketing and has extensive experience developing and marketing online teaching programs for private practice business owners. Megan's lessons are practical and informative and will guide you to Online Course Success.