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Marketing advice, strategy workshop and plans

Marketing advice, strategy workshops and plans

Before conducting any marketing activities, it is imperative that you have a clear strategy. Our strategy planning sessions will provide you with fresh ideas, strategies that match you and your organisation, solutions to overcome your marketing problems and increased brand profile and sales.

Choose from phone, half day or full day sessions with accompanying action plans or strategic marketing plans.

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What’s involved

  1. We will schedule either a phone session or a half day planning session at or near your office
  2. We will plan the session in advance via Skype
  3. I will provide you and your team with a detailed agenda for the session. This will allow flexibility for brilliant ideas, but keep us on track and make sure all your priorities are covered
  4. In the session we will discuss:
    - Your goals
    - Your target audiences
    - Your products and services
    - Your pricing
    - Growth opportunities
    - Your marketing strategies
    - Your sales strategies
    - Your key messages
    - Your marketing tools
    - Your priority actions
    - Resources and budget
    - Plus much more
    - Summary of recommendations provided as well

How does it benefit me?

Use these planning sessions to:

  • Plan the launch of a new product or service
  • Establish a clear plan for marketing your business, products and services
  • Identify your priority marketing and sales activities
  • Map out and integrate your digital strategies
  • Put an end to wasteful and costly activities
  • Gain motivation, support, clever ideas and advice