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Marketing mentoring

Marketing mentoring

This service is designed to assist you, the business owner, CEO, executive or small team, to implement your own marketing activities. Our fortnightly, monthly or quarterly teleconference will keep your skills up, your motivation high and your marketing on track.

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What’s involved

  1. We schedule our digital marketing meetings
  2. The week before I contact you to develop the agenda
  3. We discuss your current challenges and opportunities
  4. I recommend the best way forward
  5. I tell you about the latest, best practices, clever ideas and suggestions to keep your marketing on track and high quality
  6. I help you get started, prioritise and achieve "quick wins" while working towards your big goals

How does it benefit me?

  • Gain ongoing support and fresh ideas
  • Don’t get stuck or overwhelmed
  • Have checkpoints so you don’t get off-track
  • Increase your skills, confidence and motivation
  • Reduce your requirement for outsourcing
  • Achieve cost savings by hiring mid-level staff and have them coached / guided by an expert (director level