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Marketing campaigns

The Market Savvy Marketing Machine                                           (our most popular product)

This super savvy product only involves about an hour of your time each month but ticks every marketing box. We record a video and post it to your website and YouTube, turn the video into a podcast and host it on Itunes, put a slide deck on LinkedIn's slideshare, manage your social media, set up and send out your e-newsletter, write your blog for you and also manage your Google Adwords and Google Business pages. This covers every base to position you as a thought leader and to get you found on Google. Plus we provide you with a marketing mentoring session to keep you on track, skilled-up and accountable. 

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Marketing campaigns

Are you short on time or internal resources? Do you need regular marketing to generate leads and keep your sales pipeline full? Are you unsure of what to do or where to start? Then this partly or fully outsourced service is here to help and will turn your business around. 

We conduct your marketing for you to the highest standards. We keep you fully informed and in control, your leads coming in while you conduct business as usual.

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What’s involved

  1. We plan the right mix of activities to suit your business each month or quarter
  2. We meet with you each month and discuss your current challenges and opportunities. We gather the information we need to do our job
  3. We conduct the lowest cost / most relevant / most effective marketing activities (choosing the right mix of PR, advertising, social media, content marketing, sales coaching, referral marketing, networking and events) 
  4. We keep you informed of all activities and outcomes and you receive regular approvals
  5. You receive one, fixed fee, pre-approved invoice per month and you only pay for what you need

How does it benefit me?

  • You have your own marketing machine
  • Increased brand awareness and leads
  • Ongoing support and fresh ideas
  • Flexible support, no long-term contracts, only pay for what you need
  • Professional marketing and better business
  • Smarter, more effecient marketing approach
  • Less requirement for internal staff
  • Saves you time