Webinar Recording: "Telehealth Success With Coviu"

Live Event Held 7pm Thursday 23 April 2020


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In this presentation, Pete Simpson-Young from Coviu explains how to use telehealth, how to get set-up and prepared, how to deliver a digital health consultation, how to manage your telehealth billings and more.

Coviu is an Australian-based and operated telehealth platform spun out of the CSIRO. It is purpose-built for telehealth unlike other free software options that are built for videoconferencing.

You will move from confusion to clarity as Pete shows you how can easily use Coviu in your practice to engage with patients and clients nationally using telehealth.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to adopt telehealth in your practice
  • What is involved in telehealth - internet, computer, web cam, microphone etc
  • How to manage your telehealth payments
  • How to manage client / patient consents
  • Security and privacy for your clients
BONUS Free Coviu trial plus 10% off for the first three months once you've signed up for Coviu. Just use the discount code COVID19AH (or COVID19GP if you're on a GP/Specialist plan).

Your presenters: Megan Walker from Market Savvy; and Pete Simpson-Young from Coviu

Megan Walker is a health marketing professional and health promoter with over 26 years' experience connecting health and medical solutions with the people who need them most via ethical marketing strategies.

Pete Simpson-Young is a health technology expert and graduate in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy from the University of Sydney. His work historically falls within three categories: supporting patients with brain disorders; technology development; and scientific research. Pete assists Australian healthcare practitioners into digital health service delivery.

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