"How to Increase GP Referrals for Podiatrists" Interview with Dr Melita Cullen GP and Megan Walker from Market Savvy

Dr_Melita_Cullen_280416.jpgDo you want to increase GP referrals? What do GPs want from their referral partners? How can you get your local GPs to choose you more often?

This recorded interview runs for just over an hour and provides Podiatrists with an in-depth understanding of the needs and opportunities of working with General Practitioners.

You will learn:

  • What a GP does, a day in the life of a GP, different types of GPs, the breadth of patients and cases presented and what GPs need from specialists and allied health providers

  • Medicare responsibilities of referers, qualifying for health plans and how to write quality reports

  • How to get in front of GPs and build quality, lasting relationships and regular patient referrals

  • Why do GPs stop referring? How to solve problems and maintain relationships

  • How to get it right, how to become the preferred health partner, how to build long term and steady referrals and how to build relationships with practice managers (even ones with iron walls/wills!)

About the presenters

Dr Melita Cullen is a General Practitioner with Majellan Medical Centre at Redcliffe. She has a special interest in child health and allergic disorders. Dr Cullen has also worked as a Defence Medical Officer and has broad experience in Emergency Medicine. She has worked in paediatrics at Randwick Children's Hospital, the Royal Children's Hospital and Redcliffe Hospital.

Megan Walker (facilitator) is the owner of Market Savvy, a marketing agency that specialises in working with health professionals. Megan has worked with the health sector for over 20 years including hospitals, research institutes, universities, specialist practices, general practice and private allied health practices. Megan has a Master of Business Marketing and is a Certified Practising Marketer. She is passionate about promoting health care opportunities and the role of health practitioners in our community and is a regular speaker at industry events including Primary Health Networks.

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