Free Live and Interactive Masterclass for Private Practice Business Owners

Join Megan Walker, health and medical marketing expert from Market Savvy, for this interactive, online event for Allied Health Professionals, General Practitioners and Specialists.

Duration: 45 minutes plus 15 minute live Q&A.



In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

- 1 -
A proven, low-cost, low-time method for streamlining your marketing, reaching more people and changing more lives.

- 2 -
The right marketing foundations to put in place to grow a professional, scalable practice.

- 3 -
Ethical, relationship marketing strategies to increase new patient bookings, positive word of mouth, repeat business and referrals.

- 4 - 
How you can elevate your status as a therapist / clinician and build a strong brand without risking your reputation or contravening the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines

Plus you will hear about the upcoming Market Savvy Health Marketing Academy and how this dedicated private practice program delivers step-by-step lessons and coaching to grow your practice.

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Free Checklist

Attend live and receive a free checklist "50 Marketing Activities You Must Avoid in Private Practice to Remain AHPRA Compliant".


Receive a Certificate of Attendance and copy of the recording the day after the Masterclass.

A Personal Invitation from Megan Walker

Private practice marketing has changed significantly over the past 20 years and mostly recently in the past 10. No longer is it enough to wait for local referrals and repeat patient / client bookings. Private practices need to be seen and heard professionally by their target markets and protect against competitors while delighting their patients with value-adds and quality content.

Hi I'm Megan Walker. I'm a health and medical marketing professional with over 25 years' experience growing private practices of all shape and size across Australia.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming masterclass where I will give you some fresh, practical marketing strategies to help you reach more people and change more lives.