Hi I'm Megan Walker.

I teach Allied Health Professionals, General Practitioners and Specialists how to deliver ethical, relationship marketing strategies and create scalable digital health practices. 

Follow my proven marketing methods and fill your appointment book while aligning with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines.

Let's work together and help you reach more people and change more lives.

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Efficient and Effective Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice in Line With the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines

Marketing Clarity Session 

(Typical starting point for new clients)

Move from marketing confusion and overwhelm to marketing clarity with your tailored and private Marketing Clarity Session. Gain the right strategies to boost appointments and referrals in line with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines. Your two-hour workshop will give you clever strategies, a clear path forward and quickly get you on the right track to growth while eliminating guesswork, trial and error and wasted efforts.

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AHPRA-Aligned, Online Marketing Short Courses for Immediate Results. Find Out More Today!

Social Media Success

AHPRA-aligned, easy-to-follow lessons, headline and content builder, planning tool, advertising guide - boost your digital brand and increase bookings.

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Online Course Success

Learn how to build your email list, create and sell your online course worldwide - increase your practice income while flexibly serving your clients at scale.

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Waiting Room Success

Improve customer service, increase your conversions and repeat bookings - compact, online training for medical receptionists and practice managers.

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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level With Our Health Marketing Academy or Digital Coaching Program

Health Marketing Academy

Six month learning and coaching program to teach you everything you need to know to ethically promote your private practice for the long-term in alignment with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines. Learn our proven Marketing Method - Attract, Convert, Repeat and Referrals - in one to two hours per week to fit in with your busy schedule.

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Market Savvy Digital

Coming soon ... our group coaching program combining traditional and digital marketing with your own marketing dashboard to track and enhance your SEO, social media and ads plus high-performance relationship marketing strategies to achieve success across digital, word of mouth and referrals.

Everything you need to grow with support and accountability.

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Free Resources to Help You Ethically Promote Your Practice

Free webinar recording "Creating an Online Course for Your Practice - Five Stages to Success"

In this highly informative and practical webinar recording, Megan Walker from Market Savvy explains what is involved in successfully creating and ethically promoting an online course to generate additional income for your practice.

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Free tip sheet "Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas for Health / Medical Practices"

Would you like some fresh ideas for your social media posts? Would you like to know what you can post (inline with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines) to attract and engage your target audiences and support them on their health journey? Download our tip sheet for some fresh ideas today!

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Hi I’m Megan Walker. I am a big believer in the amazing, transformative work delivered by Allied Health Professionals, General Practitioners and Specialists locally and globally. It has been an honour to work alongside thousands of health and medical professionals over the past 25+ years.

And while I am not a clinician, I am a health and medical marketer, trainer, coach and connector and my role amplifies the difference that you make.

I see the great work that you do and I encourage you to claim your niche and become a thought leader in your space without being salesy or unethical. I help you promote your practice in line with your values, create online courses, memberships, webinars, online programs and five-star services and connect these offerings with the right people through genuine relationship marketing campaigns.

I believe in creating sustainable and scalable digital health practices that allow you to reach more people and change more lives.

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Market Savvy Conversations

This is where health and medical leaders learn how to build clever practices and digital health products.

Join Megan Walker and other industry experts for conversations about practice transformation, ethical marketing, relationship marketing, digital health and medical marketing.

Watch. Read. Listen. Learn.

From Salesy to Impactful

Watch our interview with the world’s leading marketing expert, Seth Godin (click Seth's image).

Learn how healthcare professionals can incorporate meaningful and ethical marketing practices in their daily lives without compromising their integrity.

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