Hi I'm Megan Walker.

I teach dedicated health and medical leaders how to create effective and ethical marketing strategies, health / medical online courses and digital marketing to reach more people and change more lives.

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I am a big believer in the amazing, transformative work delivered by Allied Health Professionals, General Practitioners and Specialists locally and globally. It has been an honour to work alongside thousands of health and medical professionals over the past 25+ years.

As a passionate health and medical marketer, digital marketer, promoter, trainer and coach, my role amplifies the difference that you make.

I see the great work that you do and I encourage you to claim your niche and become a thought leader in your space without being salesy or unethical. I help you promote your practice in line with your values, create online courses, memberships, webinars, online programs and five-star services and connect these offerings with the right people through genuine relationship marketing campaigns.

I believe in creating sustainable and scalable digital health practices that allow you to reach more people and change more lives with low cost and clever marketing strategies to help you increase your revenue and time while working smarter not harder.

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This is our podcast/video show where health and medical leaders learn how to build clever practices and digital health products.

Join Megan Walker and other industry experts for conversations about practice transformation, ethical marketing, relationship marketing, digital health and medical marketing.

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Dr Judith Griffiths (PHD), Psychologist

"I have been working with Megan Walker from Market Savvy for almost 12 months and the difference that she has made to the way that I approach my practice has been amazing.

Megan has helped me with marketing advice and coaching and I have taken part in several of her online course training programs. I have found Megan to be professional (and lots of fun) to work with. Her courses are well suited for those of us in private practice who are looking for new ways to market and develop our practice, while keeping in line with AHPRA Guidelines. Working with Megan has resulted in me creating a new brand for my practice, building a new websitefocussing my marketing activities on my main audiences (sport and exercise psychology and FND psychology) and creating online programs to address the challenges and goals of these groups.

Megan is a delight to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a coach to help you take your business wherever you want it to go."


From Salesy to Impactful

Watch our interview with the world’s leading marketing expert, Seth Godin (click Seth's image).

Learn how healthcare professionals can incorporate meaningful and ethical marketing practices in their daily lives without compromising their integrity.

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