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Health marketing strategies and advice

Market Savvy works closely with health organisations and health practitioners in private practice including: audiologists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, dieticians and osteopaths. Whether you are looking to boost your brand awareness, attract new patients, increase referrals, build a multi-site practice or productise your services, our health marketing strategies will achieve your goals.

Our marketing strategies will:

  • Establish a clear plan for marketing your practice, products and services
  • Identify your priority marketing activities (lowest cost, lowest time, best return)
  • Give you fresh, practical ideas and strategies matched to your skills and resources
  • Map out and integrate your digital strategies
  • Increase your internal skills and confidence
  • Create strong brand awareness
  • Put an end to wasteful and costly activities

We provide marketing advice in two ways - either via teleconference (Marketing Clarity Session) to solve specific issues and to support low budgets; or face to face workshops that are tailored to your situation. Read on to find out which service best suits your needs.

How to get started

1. Marketing Clarity Session

Our Marketing Clarity Session provides you with clever marketing strategies, insights and new skills. This gives you a clear plan of activities to guide growth and eliminate wasted efforts. You learn what marketing activities are right for you and how to increase patients and referrals on a budget.

We then provide you with the option of ongoing mentoring to help you implement your marketing in-house, or we conduct your marketing (or elements of your marketing) for you.

We also give you the option of creating your written materials for you – this includes your website, social media activities, blogs and white papers as required to position your practice as an authority and leader in your field and to generate new enquiries. This increased credibility and brand awareness leads to increased business.

The benefits for you

  • A clear plan to market and grow your business
  • Increased internal skills
  • Confidence, motivation and support
  • Attractive and engaging marketing materials
  • Strong brand awareness
  • Increased patients and referrals
  • A team of health marketing experts who work with you to grow your practice

To get started, book your complimentary 20 minute consultation with Megan Walker to discuss your business and how Market Savvy can help you achieve your goals.

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2. Marketing Workshops and Action Plans

Our half day workshops and marketing action plans involve a more comprehensive look at your business. This service is typically suited for multi-site, growing health businesses. Our strategic planning sessions will provide you with fresh ideas, strategies that match you and your organisation, solutions to overcome your marketing problems and increased brand profile and sales for the coming one to three years.

Watch this short video to find out more:

What’s involved in the workshops?

  1. We schedule either one or two half day planning sessions at or near your office (depending on the size and scale or your organisation)
  2. We plan the session and agenda with you in advance via phone
  3. We provide you and your team with a detailed agenda for the session. This will allow flexibility for brilliant ideas, but keep us on track and make sure all your priorities are covered
  4. In the session we will discuss:
    - Your goals
    - Your target audiences
    - Your products and services
    - Your pricing
    - Growth opportunities
    - Your marketing and digital strategies
    - Your sales strategies
    - Your key messages
    - Your marketing tools
    - Your priority actions
    - Resources and budget
    - Plus much more
    - Summary of recommendations provided as well

How does it benefit me?

Use these planning sessions to:

  • Determine if your current marketing activities are effective
  • Learn what else you can / should be doing to build your business
  • Gain new ideas, strategies and motivation to market your practice
  • Learn new skills and understand what others are doing
  • Establish a clear plan for marketing your practice, products and services

To get started, book your complimentary 20 minute consultation with Megan Walker to discuss your business and how Market Savvy can help you.

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