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In this free, interactive and live webinar, Megan Walker, Director of Market Savvy; and Yianni Serpanos, Founder and Executive Director of HealthTechX and coreplus discuss:

  • Current challenges facing Allied Health Practices during the COVID-19 situation
  • Patient communication best practices and recommendations
  • Adopting a nimble service delivery model in the coming six months
  • Introducing digital health technologies to maintain service delivery

Now is the time to adapt ...

COVID-19 presents a myriad of health and financial challenges for our communities. In addition, it exposes all small business owners to potential impacts as clients cancel or postpone their appointments.

Now is the time to identify new ways to communicate with patients and deliver digital health services to meet patient needs and navigate your practice through this challenging time.

Join Megan Walker, health marketing expert and health promoter; and Yianni Serpanos, digital health technology innovator, as we share with you:

  • Lessons learned from managing small businesses in challenging situations
  • Insights and recommendations from our direct work with thousands of Allied Health Practices across Australia and New Zealand
  • Our expertise in patient communication and digital health service delivery

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Megan Walker


Megan Walker is a health marketing expert and health promoter with over 25 years' experience. She is passionate about connecting health professionals with the right target audiences through ethical and relationship-based marketing so they can help more people and change more lives.
Yianni Serpanos, CEO, CorePlus and HealthTechX

Yianni Serpanos
Founder / CEO

Yianni Serpanos is a health technology innovator. His focus is educating Allied Health Providers in the use of Digital Health and how to transform healthcare services using client centric approaches that fit into peoples lives, schedules, goals and aspirations.

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