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Market Savvy Digital Marketing Services

Would you like to reduce the time you spend on marketing, reach your target audiences and achieve thought leadership?

Your Digital Marketing Package leverages the power of podcasting to attract and engage your audiences.

  • Enhance the digital capabilities of your organisation
  • Increase your competitiveness and market share
  • Help your business achieve growth leading to increased profits
  • Claim thought leadership in your market segment

Your six month package includes:

  • Digital planning session and 12 month electronic content calendar and plan
  • Regular mentoring and advice sessions to increase skills and motivation
  • Six podcasts recorded, edited, intro and outro music and uploaded to ITunes and your website
  • 72 Facebook posts written and scheduled on your behalf
  • Six newsletters written and set up in your mail system
  • Six blogs written and posted to your website

Megan_Walker056 copyYour podcast interviewer and campaign manager is Megan Walker who has delivered high level campaigns for health organisations, not for profits and SMEs for the past 20+ years.

Your Digital Marketing Package only involves an hour of your time each month and is designed to manage your marketing for you so you can reach and engage your target audiences with minimal time involved.

For more information, please contact Megan Walker by email or phone 0417 602 390. Or click here for a fact sheet on the Market Savvy Digital Marketing package

Other "done for you" Market Savvy services

Inbound marketing campaigns - done for you

Watch this short video to find out about our inbound marketing services:


Website content - written for you

Your website is your shopfront and it needs to quickly set the tone for who you are, what you do, what you offer and what you promise. We can help you sequence the information on your website so it appeals to your readers and drives your clients / patients to take action.

Watch this short video to find out about our website content service:


Press releases and press management - done for you

Does your organisation have a special announcement, new development, expansion, achievement or breakthrough? Do you have regular advice or information that could assist a wide group of people relevant to your marketing objectives?

If you have information that is "newsworthy" and your target audiences follow mainstream press or industry publications, a press campaign may be right for you. This approach is often more cost effective than paid advertising. 

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As a Market Savvy client you benefit from our strong understanding of the health and not for profit sectors. We have strong networks and tried and tested methods for promoting health and community brands to achieve specific outcomes.

To get started, book your complimentary 20 minute consultation with me to discuss your business and how Market Savvy can help you or contact me for more information. 

Everything we do increases your brand profile and sales

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