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"Creating an Online Course for Your Practice - Five Stages to Success" Webinar Recording

Learn what's involved in building and promoting an online course to add value to your clients and create an extra income stream for your practice.

This free presentation is designed for Allied Health Practitioners, General Practitioners and Specialists. Learn the process involved in successfully creating an online course for your practice to reach more people and change more lives at scale so you can transition from selling "time" to selling a "product" and gain more flexibility and freedom.

What you will learn ...

  1. What is involved in creating an online course - the process, the testing phase, the timeframes
  2. The different course types that are available for you to deliver
  3. Examples of practices who have added online courses to their traditional product / service offering
  4. How online courses can add value to your practice and your clients

Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance for one hour CPD (general learning).

Your Host, Megan Walker 

Hello and thanks for taking the time to find out more about my recent online event "Creating an Online Course for Your Practice - Five Stages to Success".

I am more than looking forward to giving you access to this webinar recording as I firmly believe that online courses are the ideal way for you to reach and help more people at scale, earn the income you deserve and increase the sustainability of your practice for the long-term. Once up and running, online courses can afford you more freedom and flexibility over your time (plus you can deliver them from anywhere you can get internet) and you can enrich your consultations with deeper transformations for your clients.


  • Mind-shift program for rehabilitation clients
  • Mindfulness course for psychology clients
  • Toilet learning program for parents
  • Navigating NDIS for parents of children with disabilities
  • Lifeskills, mind set and more ...

The list is endless!

I have moved my own practice from selling time to offering training and coaching and I can tell you this shift has been life-changing. I have also helped numerous private practice business owners make the transition to some or all of their income being derived through online programs.

All of the information, as always, aligns with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines.

I hope you enjoy the presentation and consider taking your course creation to the next step with my online course "Online Course Success".

I look forward to working with you and speaking with you soon.

Kind regards
Megan Walker