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[FREE] 3-Part Training Series With Megan Walker ...


This step-by-step training series will reveal the secrets to helping more people and increasing your income (without wasting time or money).


In this FREE,  3-part training series, you will discover the step-by-step formula to convert your knowledge into a desirable online course to increase health outcomes for your clients and increase your income without contravening the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines.

Plus you will learn:

  • How you are one successful online course away from less stress, more freedom and more income while helping more people at scale
  • The mistake that many would-be health course creators make of putting their course on their website and hoping it will sell and what to do instead
  • The three thirds model to successfully create your course, build your email list and launch your program
  • How to keep your course lessons "light" so you increase success for your clients
  • How to ethically serve your clients at scale without being pushy or salesy
  • How to confidently create and promote your course within the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines
  • The different course types available to you so you know how to get started
  • How to keep your technology simple to speed up implementation and success
  • The nine-step process for building a scalable online course product and business to move you from selling time to selling products

Training #1 Starts 7pm AEST Tuesday 21 June.

Private Practice Owners Trust Megan and Her Online Course Strategies ...

Danielle Mik, Owner, Beneficent

“As a really busy business owner and rehabilitation counsellor, I had been thinking about creating an online course for the past year and was looking for a formula to follow. It was quite easy to work my way through Megan’s materials and I feel confident that I now have the tools I need to get started and take the right steps to creating online courses for my business.

Natalie Jack, Supervisor, Coach and Music Therapist

"Megan’s courses have been great for my learning and thinking in the area of health practice marketing. Her generous sharing of information, clear step-by-step explanations and supportive printable resources make her courses perfect for any health professional who wants to learn how to manage marketing for their practice. I’ve gone from being a bit worried how I was going to market myself, to feeling like I can do this! I can recommend Megan/Market Savvy’s services to all health practitioners."


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