Your Marketing Clarity Session

I invite you to conduct a private Marketing Clarity Session with me (Megan Walker) to gain proven advice, clever and cost effective strategies, and a clear path to market to ethically promote your products and services.

Every Marketing Clarity Session is different and no two sets of recommendations are the same because the strategies are created just for you - matched to your situation, style, skills, brand, resources and budget.

Your Marketing Clarity Session will give you the motivation and actions you need to take to confidently bring your vision to life.

Your Marketing Clarity Session Includes:

  • Pre-workshop discussion and agenda planning
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Competitor research
  • Two hour videoconference workshop
  • Written recommendations for coming six to 12 months
  • Workshop recording

Your Marketing Clarity Session investment is $897 including GST ($815 ex GST).

Following your Marketing Clarity Session ...

You will have a clever set of marketing strategies and written recommendations to action. You can choose to implement the actions internally, or we are happy to support you with marketing projects or campaigns as needed.

We will also invite you to join our Market Savvy Community (launching September 2020) as an optional extra to give you ongoing guidance, accountability, peer support and marketing momentum.

Here are some of the ways clients have used their Marketing Clarity Session to meet their unique needs:

  • Decide where to base their practice
  • Plan out the right mix of products and services
  • Discuss and decide on general or niche focus
  • Gain a sounding board for new business ideas including
    traditional and digital health
  • Create a marketing and sales funnel for each product and service
  • Confirm how best to market your business
  • Decide on the best strategies to adopt and what to leave behind to save time and money and achieve goals more quickly

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About your facilitator, Megan Walker

Megan Walker (that’s me) is a health and medical marketing professional with over 26 years’ experience promoting hospitals, medical research institutes, aged care facilities and retirement villages, health and medical not for profits, allied health practices and private practices of all shape and size.

Megan has delivered hundreds of Marketing Clarity Sessions since she commenced Market Savvy in January 2007.

“This is my favourite service and I love the outcomes that each Marketing Clarity Session creates. We all need a sounding board and you will find my style to be knowledgeable, astute, practical and encouraging. I enjoy the relief that these sessions give to the participants when they confirm there were on the right track or learn how to pivot and put in place fresh and clever marketing strategies to achieve greater results."

Click here to book your Marketing Clarity Session or contact Megan for more information.


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