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Blog writing

Business blogging

Having an informative and regularly updated blog is an ideal way of attracting and nurturing leads and adding value to existing customers. Customers search for products and services online and your blog is the ideal place to solve their problems and encourage purchase by connecting them with your brand.

A well written blog can achieve loyal following over time and this attention is rewarded by Google. You need to publish one to two blogs per week of approximately 400 words each. Each blog needs to be written for your readers but also contain relevant keywords in your heading, text, image tags, links and meta description.

We can work with you to establish a content plan and write your blogs on time every time to increase your website traffic and enquiries. Plus, a professional blog will establish you as an industry expert and this added credibility can be used to expand your network and underpin sales.

What’s involved

  1. Extraction genius. We schedule a Skype or phone call with you and run through a detailed questionnaire to understand your target audiences, relevant topics and to learn about your business and marketing objectives
  2. Next we write your blogs for approval and then include the relevant long-tail keywords in the text
  3. Once you are happy with each blog (two rounds of changes included per blog) we either submit them to you for publishing or we publish your blogs for you (we prefer to use, our marketing software of choice)
  4. If managing the posting for you, we keep you updated with reports and opportunities for maximising blog traffic and followers

PLUS – we assign copyright to you. You own everything we create – use your content for other purposes to save you time and rewriting efforts.

How does it benefit me?

By outsourcing your blog writing to the experts you:

  • Have a high quality and regularly updated blog
  • Increase website traffic
  • Add value to your current customers
  • Increase your followers and generate sales leads
  • Save the stress of having to find the right words to say
  • Increase reader attraction and engagement
  • Save time