Learn how to ethically and effectively promote your Allied Health Practice with high quality, practical lessons, a step-by-step guide and live coaching over six months.

Gain proven strategies to stay ahead of competitors and increase your client / patient base, repeat business and referrals.

(Without wasting time, confusion, breaching the AHPRA Guidelines or wasting money on unethical, ineffective or offensive marketing activities).


Introducing the Allied Health Marketing Academy

Megan Walker Explains The Allied Health Marketing Academy

About Market Savvy Allied Health Marketing Academy


If you're an Allied Health Practitioner looking to achieve a steady flow of new patient / client bookings, repeat business and referrals while maintaining an impeccable reputation, then you already know you need to have a marketing program in place and maintain the right mix of ethical marketing activities.

So I won't try and convince you the importance of quality practice marketing. You already knowMegan Walker that developing and implementing your marketing plan is the key success factor that will allow you to make better use of your time, maintain a consistent and reputable brand image, gain predictability and regularity over your cash flow and help you grow while supporting more people in your community with quality health services.

Here's what you might not know ...

Even if you are lucky enough to have a steady stream of new client enquiries, having an active marketing program will:

  • Eliminate confusion, save time and save money - by having a clever, well thought out plan that aligns with your brand, style, time, budget and values, you will know exactly what you need to do each week to maintain a steady flow of new clients, retain existing clients and stay 'top of mind' with your referral sources. You won't be scrambling at the last minute to try and fill up your appointment books or say yes to expensive marketing campaigns or actions that take you off course
  • Keep you ahead of competitors - if a new practice opens in your area, your local GP clinic brings a competitor in-house, or one of your team members leaves to set up their own practice nearby, your well-maintained marketing program will protect you from the impact of these events
  • Deliver on client expectations - clients expect you to stay in touch with them, provide them with value, engage with them and be part of their regular health community and team. They want to hear from you and receive value and strong customer service from you. They are disappointed when they don't receive high service which means they are more likely to change practitioners if something 'shiny' comes along
  • Maintain your compliance with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines - by committing to a regular program of the right marketing activities, you avoid being exposed to risks that contravene the AHPRA Guidelines and the National Law. There are quite a lot of practical and effective marketing activities that you can do while abiding by the rules, you just need to steer clear of certain risky activities and language

Even though the reasons to pursue a regular marketing program are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but ...

I speak with Allied Health Professionals of all disciplines on a daily basis (that's thousands of conversations over the past 13+ years since I launched Market Savvy!). Here are how most practitioners are currently approaching their marketing:

  • Doing bits and pieces here and there when time permits with long periods of marketing inactivity leading to feelings of frustration and 'giving up' on marketing as it proves fruitless 
  • Saying yes to marketing opportunities as they arise while knowing that this is wasting time and money and an overall plan would streamline their approach and deliver better outcomes, but they just don't know where to start
  • By getting friends and family to do their marketing for them and trusting that they are on track but worrying that the AHPRA Guidelines are being breached and that the family member might not be doing or saying the right things
  • Setting and forgetting their marketing once the logo has been developed and the website is built and knowing that this is insufficient and competitors will be overtaking them in the local area 
  • Outsourcing their marketing to local or off-shore contractors but not knowing what to ask for, how to assess the results or ensure value for money

Even with the best intentions, many Allied Health Practitioners end up abandoning their marketing, allowing competitors to swoop in and take over while they remain overlooked and miss out on not achieving the full potential of their practice. Allied Health Practitioners can easily reach more people and changing more lives with the right approaches.

Here's why most Allied Health business owners abandon their marketing:

Without a super clear, step-by-step project plan and understanding of what marketing works, and what to avoid, would-be health marketers get completely lost.

They fall victim to paralysing social media hangups (the experts always make it seem so easy), a fear of rejection and a lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do next to promote their practice and whether or not they are conducting their marketing the 'right way'. 

Here's why this is irreversibly crippling ...

As an already busy practitioner with clients to serve, staff to manage and reports to write, and maybe even a visiting clinic or two to attend, you can't afford to veer off course.

And the moment you get lost in marketing your practice, it's extremely difficult to recover.

Therefore, marketing your practice is one of the critical things in your business that you need to get right and establish a solid foundation for future growth.

And luckily for you, there are actually VERY FEW people out there doing it right.

In all likelihood, your competitors have either failed in their marketing or are conducting activities that are ineffective and aren't adding value to their existing or potential patient base.

Which means ...

Even if you're late to the party, there's still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up the mess and build the practice you set out to build.

That is ... if you can avoid the same costly and time-consuming marketing mistakes that your competitors are making.

The five reasons most allied health marketing programs fail (and how to guarantee yours won't!)Red 3D Digit 5 Isolated on White Background.

Reason 1: Marketing is confusing

Marketing is not particularly difficult, but there are lots of moving pieces and platforms that are constantly emerging and creating potential failure points along the way.

What should I be doing? What's the best use of my time? What will work best? How will I maintain my reputation?

These are just some of the questions you will need to answer.

Most Allied Health Practitioners approach their marketing as just "another thing to find a bit of time for after the client work is done". However marketing is an immensely important part of your core business operations, that when done right, earns the revenue for the practice and allows you to achieve your vision.

It is time to respect marketing for what it is - the conduit to helping more people - and approach it accordingly. The good news is you can learn how to market your practice without confusion or overwhelm and it doesn't have to take up a lot of your time or money.

Reason 2: I don't have time to market my practice

Marketing can be time consuming if you try to do everything and chase every new fad that comes along. Trying to do and be everything is crudely termed "spray and pray" and is a quick pathway to disillusionment. 

I'm too busy, how will I find the time? Wouldn't marketing my practice take up days at a time? How will I resource my marketing?

These are just some of the questions I hear from my Allied Health Practitioner clients plus at conferences, networking events, social media and in daily conversations.

The good news is that marketing is most effective when it is simplified (easier said than done you might say). This can be achieved by focussing on the wants and needs of your target audiences and building your program from there. Most practices only need to focus on six to 10 marketing activities and this takes one to two hours per week implementing and then maintaining for the life of the practice. You too can achieve marketing success with only a few hours per week when you sift through the noise and commit to a quality program of activities that will add value to your clients.

Reason 3: I don't have to market my practice

Sometimes practitioners feel satisfied with the number of clients they are currently seeing and question their capacity for growth. 

How can I keep things simple? How can I maintain my current client base? Why would marketing be relevant to me?

I hear these questions from time to time and you may have them as well.

My answer is that all practices are small businesses that need to market to maintain the status quo (if desired) and to grow. Clients expect to receive value, support and education but they will also naturally move on over time and need to be replaced. I would also encourage you to engage in marketing to protect against the threat of new local area practitioners. You need to ethically promote your practice if you want to remain visible, competitive and meet client expectations.

Reason 4: Marketing is unethical

I agree. I have to restrain myself at marketing conferences when I hear some of my colleagues talking about how to win at any cost. However please note that the spammy, unwanted and annoying styles of marketing that we all despise, have no place in healthcare marketing (and you definitely won't find them in any of my approaches). The style that works for you is relationship-based marketing where you seek out ways to genuinely help people rather than annoy them. Everything must be based on maintaining reputation, value and trust and helping move your clients move forward.

How do I avoid damaging my reputation? How can I do marketing without selling people what they don't want? How can I make sure I don't come across salesy or pushy?

These are just some of the many questions I hear from Allied Health Practitioners and I understand these concerns. If you associate marketing with the worst kind of conduct, then of course you want to distance yourself from it. But remember, we are talking about relationship-marketing that is "pulled" by the client, not "pushed" onto the client. There is a big difference in these two approaches.

The good news is that marketing can be ethical when it adds value, provides education, helps people and improves their lives.

Reason 5: I should just be able to see patient and not have to worry about marketing

If only running a small to medium sized business was as simple as getting credentialed, registering the name and opening the door. However like all small businesses operating in the "Google era" (ie. consumer control) you need to be visible locally and online. You need to remind people that you exist and that you are willing and able to help them with nimble, client-focussed services. So when they need your services, they know you and choose you because you already have a relationship with them.

How can I avoid marketing? How can I just focus on my clients? Is there a silver bullet?

Focussing on your clients will certainly take you a long way, however it is no longer enough. Clients are empowered - they have been told they are in charge of their healthcare and to "shop around", compare, ask questions and be satisfied with their healthcare service providers or move on.

Running your own practice is not easy (otherwise everybody would do it), but it is extremely rewarding. Successful business owners, including Allied Health Professionals, need to be successful marketers too.

Now, how would it be if I showed you how I can help you?

Even though healthcare is a huge industry and health services are increasing in demand, it has become a consumer-centred field.

A few people will grow the practice of their dreams while others will run out of steam.

And the main reason for this, as you've likely seen by now, is that while the barriers to entry are relatively low ...

... the barriers towards effective execution are fairly high.

But as long as you avoid the biggest blunders that sink most would-be successful Allied Health Practice business owners, the path is paved for you to achieve the practice of your dreams.

One that allows you to work the hours you choose, help more people and change more lives, give employment to others (if you choose), create a healthcare "movement", create more income, make an impact while scaling your practice to true profitability.

The key ingredient to all of this is an ethical and effective marketing plan that drives client value.

And with your permission, that's what I'D LOVE to show you how to create.

Introducing the Allied Health Marketing Academy With Megan Walker

Ethical, relationship-marketing and coaching to help you systemise your marketing, reach more people and grow your practice. Involves one to two hours of your time each week learning and doing.

AHMA Jul - thumbnail

Proudly supported by:Allied Health Support

I've taken everything I've learned from three marketing degrees, 26 years+ experience, and directly working with thousands of Allied Health Practices across Australia and New Zealand and channeled it into a comprehensive step-by-step teaching and coaching program that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted.

The Allied Health Marketing Academy is the first program of its kind that ...The end result: an incredibly profitable, long-term asset of knowledge and awareness ready to be deployed and maintained for the life of your private practice.

  • Is built with focussed, rapid implementation in mind. No filler, no unnecessary modules and no fluffy strategies that look "shiny" on the surface
  • Teaches you how to conduct your marketing with confidence for the long-term
  • Focusses on the time-savers and "best bang for your buck" strategies that are proven, effective, ethical and multi-pronged while adding lasting trust and value to your existing and potential clients

Here's how it all breaks down ...

Module (i) - Pre-reading and pre-learning to get you set up and make room for marketing. Includes:

  • Marketing Action Plan template to capture study notes and provide you with tips and a ready-reference
  • Private Facebook Group for peer support
  • Pre-program questionnaire to capture before and after progress

Module 1: Allied health marketing planning. Build a solid marketing foundation for growth and clear decision making:

  • Proven marketing road map
  • Goals
  • Your why (30 minute one-on-one coaching to confirm your why)
  • Target audiences
  • Products and services
  • Brand
  • Sales funnels

Module 2: Local area marketing. Increase your local area awareness, increase your referral base and drive more patient bookings:

  • GP referrals
  • Other local referrals
  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Public relations
  • Local involvement and visibility

Module 3: Online marketing. Learn what to do and what not to do to conduct your own marketing or oversee the outsourcing of your digital marketing. Boost your SEO, brand awareness and online enquiries:

  • Website, SEO and analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook posting and advertising
  • Instagram posting and advertising
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Ads
  • Online reviews

Module 4: Loyal patients. Maximise repeat business (ethically) with proven strategies to convert patients into loyal fans who re-book and act as ambassadors for you in the community:

  • Patient touch points and customer service optimisation
  • Ethical conversions and up-selling
  • Charging your worth and adding value
  • Client newsletter
  • Client events
  • Reviews and referrals
  • 90 day content plan

Module 5: Going pro. Learn what else you can do to supplement your income with "one to many" products and services in the future:

  • What will you be known for?
  • Your own podcast
  • Speaking, journals and research
  • Other income streams - online course, book etc

Each module includes four to eight short videos that explain each topic and give you practical implementation steps to follow so you are learning and doing along the way.

Take the Allied Health Marketing Academy challenge

The Allied Health Marketing Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for Allied Health business owners who are excited and committed about developing and implementing an ongoing marketing program.

Our community is filled with helpful, motivated and super-supportive members who are growing Allied Health practices. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

As soon as you sign up for the Academy, you will receive the pre-reading and pre-learning module. This will give you a chance to start working through the Marketing Action Plan Template. You will have the opportunity to see what is involved in the Academy in further detail and start the planning activities.

Money Back Guarantee

However if within the first 14 days you don't feel totally confident and motivated by the Academy, simply reach out and show us that you've put in the work by completing the exercises in the Marketing Action Plan, and we'll refund your investment.

We invite you to join us

Here's what you get when you enroll today:

  • The Allied Health Marketing Academy with five modules delivered from 27 July to 18 December 2020 (valued at $2,997 WITH TWO YEARS' ACCESS TO LEARNING MATERIALS) 
  • Six live Q&A sessions with your peers (monthly 7:30pm Mondays) with recordings provided (valued at $997)
  • Private, members'only Facebook group with 16 weeks of accountability and weekly live Q&As (valued at $297)
  • Plus bonus one-on-one coaching session (valued at $400)
  • Certificate of attendance and professional development points (for membership organisations with general learning categories)
  • ** FULL PAY BONUS ** includes website review and recommendations

When you add it all up that's a total value of $4,691 including GST.

But when you enroll today, you'll get access to everything for just:

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Note - secure payment powered by Stripe. Market Savvy does not access or store any credit card details.

What people have asked before signing up for the Allied Health Marketing Academy 

Q1: I am really time poor will I be able to keep up with the program?

A1: I have purposely broken the Academy down into bite-sized videos that involve learning and doing. You will only need to spend one to two hours per week learning and doing and then continue this level of marketing commitment thereafter. You also get two years' access to the learning materials so if something unexpected happens in life or at work (as it does), you can go back to the program and recommence where you left off.

Q2: Is the program confidential? I like to keep my business information private.

A2: Yes. Only your team (up to three people in total from each organisation) have access to your own learning portal. You download the Marketing Action Plan and save it for your own use. It is then up to you how much information you want to share in the live Q&As and Facebook chat sessions but we have found that the more people contribute and help each other, the more they gain.

Q3: Will I have to do anything that doesn't align with my style or values?

A3: Definitely not. I will teach you all the tricks of the trade so you can market your practice long-term. I will give you case studies and success stories about what has worked well for hundreds of Allied Health Practices. You will be able to tailor these recommendations to suit your unique situation. However, you will need to step a bit outside your comfort zone if you want to achieve lasting results. All of the suggestions are ethical, relationship-based and with the best interests of your clients at heart, so I am confident you will be comfortable with the recommendations. 

Imagine – steady income stream, reliable cash flow, more income and the ability to expand and help more people with less stress and confusion

Our aim is to teach you how to expertly implement the right marketing strategies for allied health practices with accountability, hand-holding and community support along the way. Watch our short information video:

About Market Savvy Allied Health Marketing Academy

You can also download the Academy prospectus here.

How to know if you're ready to achieve positive marketing outcomes

The Allied Health Marketing Academy is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to get your marketing right
  • Move out of overwhelm and establish a clear plan and the right mix of marketing activities for your practice
  • Ensure you are complying with the AHPRA Guidelines and National Law
  • Stop worrying about your local competitors and be known as one of (if not the leading) top option
  • Join a motivated group of practitioners who are excited to grow their practice and gain peer support
  • Take action, streamline and systemise your practice marketing and maintain a steady flow of patients and clients
  • Get off the hamster wheel of ineffective, dysfunctional and reactive practice marketing

If you said "yes" to at least five of the above, I can't wait to see you inside the Allied Health Marketing Academy.

MeganWalker_72Megan Walker - experience and qualifications

I have worked with hundreds of Allied Health Professionals across Australia, I regularly speak at State and National conferences, I have three business and marketing degrees including a Master of Business Marketing and I work with and talk to all different types of AHPs on a daily basis. I know your struggles and I know how bamboozled you are by marketing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Allied Health Marketing Academy is the only course of its kind:

  • Written by a health marketing expert with practical experience working with AHPs
  • Proven in the field
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs and improve the situation of AHPs
  • Generous and complete in its instructions and approach
  • Aligned with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines and the National Law

More information

Click here for the full Allied Health Marketing Academy Prospectus.

You are also invited to contact me (Megan Walker) via megan@marketsavvy.com.au if you'd like to book in for a free 20 minute consultation to answer all your questions and confirm if the Academy is right for you.

Enroll today by clicking on either option:

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Testimonials from Previous Academy Participants

Belinda Breust Mobile Physiotherapy 101019

“I had been thinking about marketing my business for a long time prior to finding the Allied Health Marketing Academy. It was exactly what I was needing at the right time at a good price. The program exceeded my expectations. I have instituted strategies for capturing clients, using doctors letter template, diarising marketing campaigns and establishing my online presence. It is definitely a worthwhile program.”

Belinda Breust
Director, Belinda Breust Mobile Physiotherapy.
Rob Turner Jens 151119

“The Academy has made me more comfortable to do marketing and I have accepted that it is a necessary part of my practice. I have changed how I speak about my business and feel set free to talk about my passion rather than selling to my patients. I have brought in more business too."

Dr Robert Turner-Jensen
Director, Chiro Care for Kids.
Di Tozer Westside Dentistry

“Overall I thought the program was great and I am putting aside an hour a week to work on the business. I like how everything is step by step and the Q&A sessions made me accountable to doing the work.”

Di Tozer
Director, Westside Dentistry.
Jacintha Bell Lifeworks OT

“As I work my way through the content at my own pace, I have already found huge value in the information. The content is very generous and easy to follow and it is helping us get the marketing for our practice on the right track.” 

Jacintha Bell
Director, LifeWorks Occupational Therapy.
Darius Leo 031219

"I've very much enjoyed Megan's' program. She provides useful insights and has gone above and beyond to help me with my business."

Darius Leo
Clinical Psychologist, True Hope Psychology.
Rebecca Glorie Psychology

“I really loved the Allied Health Marketing Academy. Megan is so generous with her content and in terms of what you get it is amazing. In just the first two modules I was able to get clearer on the direction of my business and take actions that helped my business to grow."

Rebecca Glorie
Director, Rebecca Glorie Psychology.
Darius Leo 031219

"I've very much enjoyed Megan's' program. She provides useful insights and has gone above and beyond to help me with my business."

Pam Fielding
Director, Holy Spirit Care Services.

Got questions? Contact Megan Walker for a free 20 minute consultation and talk more about the Allied Health Marketing Academy