Take Part in the Allied Health Marketing Academy 2020

We are very excited to bring you this purpose-built program designed to grow your Allied Health Practice. Our aim is to teach you how to expertly implement the right marketing strategies that work for allied health practices with some accountability and hand-holding along the way. Read on for more information ...


About the Allied Health Marketing Academy

Confidently Increase Your Patient Base and Grow Your Practice Over the Next Six Months and Positively Impact the Lives of More Clients.

(Without Spending a Huge Amount of Time or Money or Doing Anything That Doesn’t Sit With Your Values.)

The Allied Health Marketing Academy has been designed for busy allied health practices – start-ups, small, medium and multi-site – located in all areas of Australia.

If you’re an allied health professional who runs your own practice and is looking to grow a sustainable business, while maintaining a steady patient base, you already know you need to market your practice.

From working with hundreds of AHPs over the last 12 years, I know you are committed to changing lives and moving your clients forward. You are busy helping people every day and your reputation is critical.

Imagine – steady income stream, reliable cash flow, more income and the ability to expand and help more people with less stress and confusion.

Our proven road map gives you the exact formula of what you need to do. It is low cost, low time and aligns with AHPRA. Get rid of all the guess-work and get on the right track with an approved set of marketing activities.

Ethical marketing
Our approach involves relationship marketing. You will never do anything scammy or spammy. Instead your values will shine through your ethical marketing as you attract more of the right people to your practice.

Save time
We teach you what works – the actions that have been proven with hundreds of allied health practices of all disciplines across Australia. This saves you time and wasted opportunities as you get started on a path of success from day one.

Boost your reputation and visibility
Learn what digital marketing you should be doing and eliminate the strategies that won’t be right for you. Maintain a strong reputation and online visibility so that patients can find you on their terms.

Increase referrals
Engage your referral sources and patients with activities that add value to them and create positive talking points in the community. Establish a wave of willing people who will gladly help you do your marketing and this will save you time and money in the future.

Earn what you are worth
Choosing your niche and communicating your expertise allows you to increase demand for your services and charge what you are worth.

Allied health professionals are frustrated

I hear the frustrations of allied health professionals every day. You have studied hard, you care about making a difference, you want to help people, yet nobody mentioned how much time and effort you would have to put in to show your target audiences how to find you and work with you. It should be a given right? Well unfortunately you do have to be visible and enticing so your audiences will choose you over your competitors.

But it’s so confusing I hear you say. Marketing either feels dishonest and beguiling or over the top and unnecessary, expensive and time consuming and confusing with all the different online platforms you have to do all of the time. I quit!

Even though the reasons to pursue ethical marketing are obvious, the path to achieving it is anything but.

This is why I have created the Allied Health Marketing Academy.

I want you to get out of the pattern of:

  • Updating your website now and then
  • Talking to your referral sources as you are rushing through a carpark
  • Posting the odd thing on Facebook
  • Wondering how your competitors manage to win more patients than you
  • Feeling confused, exhausted and overwhelmed

I want to teach you how to steadily fill your appointments while getting off the hamster wheel of dysfunctional marketing.

It's not too late

And while it may seem like your competitors have got it all sorted, there are very few allied health practices getting their marketing right. So even if you feel like you are late to the party, there is still plenty of opportunity for you to clean up the mess, get clear about what you need to do and get on the right track.

I know you may not have the resources to engage a marketing consultant like me on an ongoing basis to do your marketing for you, so I’ve put together the exact formula I use to market successful allied health practices. I’m going to teach this process to you step by step so you can learn the right type of marketing that will work for you in the short and long term.

MeganWalker_72Megan Walker - experience and qualifications

I have worked with hundreds of allied health professionals across Australia, I regularly speak at State and National conferences, have three business and marketing degrees including a Master of Business Marketing and I work with and talk to all different types of AHPs on a daily basis. I know your struggles and I know how bamboozled you are by marketing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Allied Health Marketing Academy is the only course of its kind:

  • Written by a health marketing expert
  • Proven in the field
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs and improve the situation of AHPs
  • Generous and complete in its instructions and approach
  • Aligned with AHPRA

Your guarantee

I am so confident that the Allied Health Marketing Academy will make a lasting difference for you and your practice. However to give you peace of mind, if you purchase the program and do the work within 14 days I will give you a full refund if you believe the program isn’t right for you.

What you get

  • Allied Health Marketing Academy (valued at $2,997)
  • Five Live Tutorials (valued at $997)
  • Private, members only Facebook Group with 12 Live Q&A Sessions for community and accountability (valued at $297)

Total value $4,291.

What you pay

Our price is $1,997 up front or three payments of $670 each (email me if you'd like the payment plan). Prices include GST. Fill in the form below to get started today.

Registrations close January 2020


Module 1: Allied health marketing planning
Your goals, your why, target audiences, products and services

Module 2: Local area marketing
GP referrals, other referrals, networking, speaking, public relations, local visibility

Module 3: Online marketing
Your website, analytics, Google My Business, Facebook posting and advertising, LinkedIn, Adwords, online reviews

Module 4: Loyal patients
Your patients’ touch points, ethical conversions and up-selling for you and your team, newsletter, events, referrals

Module 5: Going Pro
Your own podcast, speaking, journals, research and other income streams


Got questions? Contact Megan Walker for more information