Free Interactive Webinar for Private Practices

Join Chris Setter, Senior Lawyer, Health Law Solutions; and Megan Walker, Director, Market Savvy for this interactive webinar for Allied Health, GPs and Specialists.

You will walk away with:

  • Clear understanding of your obligations under the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines
  • Know what you can and cannot do in relation to testimonials, case studies and online reviews
  • A strong understanding of ethical marketing activities that you can do to promote your private practice

Megan and Chris have over 40 years' combined experience working with private practices of all size across Australia. 

Bring your questions, attend live and make sure you are abiding by the AHPRA Guidelines in your practice.

Please note - this is an independent event run by Market Savvy. Chris and I have thoroughly researched the new AHPRA advertising guidelines and will present you with factual information plus practical suggestions gained from our experience working closely with private practices.

12pm AEST, Thursday 25 February 2021