Your Marketing Clarity Session 

This popular, two-hour, tailored, one-on-one, confidential workshop is for private practice business owners and healthcare leaders who want to get crystal clear about their product and service offering, audiences, paths to market, ethical promotional activities, content plans and sales funnels.

It is the ideal starting point to bed down your strategies and avoid wasted activities or "trial and error". Get on the right path to success today!

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Always Start With the Right Strategy ...

Hello I'm Megan Walker and I'd love the opportunity to meet with you for a two-hour, personalised workshop where I can tell you what is working well in healthcare marketing and how you too can achieve success with the right marketing strategies and path forward.

Your Marketing Clarity Session will help you get crystal clear on your practice vision, your products, services, target audiences, marketing strategies and digital systems to efficiently and effectively increase bookings and referrals for the next six to 12 months and beyond.

I've delivered hundreds of Marketing Clarity Sessions (each with great outcomes and success) since I launched Market Savvy in 2007, yet every Marketing Clarity Session is different. No two sets of recommendations are the same because the strategies are created just for you - matched to your situation, style, skills, brand, resources, budget and goals.

Your Marketing Clarity Session will give you the motivation and actions you need to take to confidently bring your vision to life.

Your Marketing Clarity Session Includes ...

  • Pre-workshop discussion and agenda planning
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Competitor research
  • Two hour videoconference workshop
  • Workbook for you to capture your key actions
  • Recording of your session
  • Written summary of recommendations

Following your Marketing Clarity Session ...

  • You will have a clever set of marketing strategies and recommendations to action. You can choose to implement the actions internally and I can support you with ongoing coaching, online learning, your own video show or website content as needed

Here are some of the ways clients have used their Marketing Clarity Session to meet their unique needs:

  • Gain clarity on what you can and cannot do inside the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines (note - marketing advice not legal advice is provided)
  • Plan out the right mix of products and services
  • Discuss and decide on a  general or niche focus and identify relevant target audiences and engagement strategies
  • Gain a sounding board for new business ideas (traditional and digital health)
  • Create a marketing and sales funnel for each product and service
  • Confirm how best to ethically promote the practice
  • Decide on the best strategies to adopt and what to leave behind to save time and money and achieve goals more quickly

Let's Get Started ...

Click below to book your Marketing Clarity Session at a time that best suits you and then complete the pre-workshop questionnaire.

I look forward to working with you and developing clever, unique strategies to grow your practice - all in alignment with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines.

See you soon,
Megan Walker

Marketing Clarity Session

$997 (incl GST)

For Private Practice Business Owners and Healthcare Leaders.

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Open Sky Psychology

"I cannot thank you enough for your truly excellent help and support yesterday. There was so much in our two hour session that I could have kept going for a year on just that much advice.  

This was incredible value for money in helping me promote my business in an ethical, sensible and professional manner.

So much appreciated!"

Dr Margo Orum, Director and Principal Psychologist
Open Sky Psychology