Every Day, Allied Health Professionals, GPs and Specialists Tell Me They Would Like to Achieve:

  • More patients / clients, increased referrals
  • Strong brand and clear messaging for their practice
  • Increased product sales and a healthy revenue
  • Automated systems and more time
  • A happy, loyal team
  • A tribe of followers and supporters
  • To be well-regarded and reputable
  • To help more people and to enjoy life knowing they've made a difference to others

And that they would like to achieve one or more of these goals without marketing confusion, risking their reputation, wasting time or money or breaching the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately the main culprit standing in the way of these goals seems to be overwhelm as the marketing industry has become confusing, expensive and disrupted.


Enter Your Marketing Clarity Session With Megan Walker ...

As your experienced marketing and health promotions guide (who lives and breathes the Ahpra Advertising Guidelines), I see how hard you are working to help people, that you would like more balance, to build your practice and help people at scale while creating a sustainable practice and earning what you are worth.

  • I understand that marketing is confusing and there are lots of choices to make
  • I know the technology can be overwhelming
  • I understand you are worried about risking your reputation

I'd love the opportunity to help you overcome this overwhelm with your own personalised Marketing Clarity Session.

I've delivered hundreds of Marketing Clarity Sessions (each with great outcomes and success) since I launched Market Savvy in 2007, yet every Marketing Clarity Session is different. The strategies are created just for you - matched to your situation, style, skills, brand, resources, budget and goals.

Your Marketing Clarity Session will give you the motivation and actions you need to take to confidently bring your vision to life.

Here's the Plan:

  1. Book your Marketing Clarity Session 
  2. We meet (via Zoom) for a two-hour workshop where we co-create your customised plan
  3. We meet again and discuss the next steps (you self-implement or I coach you to execute the plan)
  4. I help you increase your skills as needed (marketing, social media or online course creation)
  5. You solidify your marketing foundations (platforms, systems, messaging, offerings)
  6. You start reaching and helping more people and growing your practice (solo or with coaching)

Your Marketing Clarity Session Includes ...

  • Pre-workshop discussion and agenda planning
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire (10 minutes)
  • Competitor research
  • Two-hour videoconference workshop (Zoom)
  • Workbook for you to capture your key actions
  • Recording of your session
  • Written summary of recommendations
  • Follow up call to discuss "next best steps"
Megan Walker Marketing Clarity Session

"I am looking forward to working with you and helping you clarify your marketing direction so you are empowered and motivated to take action in alignment with your values.

Your Marketing Clarity Session will move you from confused and overwhelmed to feeling confident and well on your way to being a leader in your field - well liked by clients and your team, creating a movement for your health discipline, while improving health outcomes for your patients/clients at scale," Megan Walker.

Your Investment ...

Marketing Clarity Session

$997 (incl GST)

For Private Practice Business Owners and Healthcare Leaders.

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Marketing Clarity Session and Funnel Map

$1,997 (incl GST)

For Peak Bodies, Health NFPs, NGOs and Organisations.

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Open Sky Psychology

"I cannot thank you enough for your truly excellent help and support yesterday. There was so much in our two hour session that I could have kept going for a year on just that much advice.  

This was incredible value for money in helping me promote my business in an ethical, sensible and professional manner.

So much appreciated!"

Dr Margo Orum, Director and Principal Psychologist
Open Sky Psychology

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